Causes of stomach pain before and during menstruation


For many women of reproductive age, menstruation becomes a real challenge. Some are worried about not only the symptoms associated with PMS, but also pain in the stomach. Discomfort is usually caused by hormonal disruption or other factors.

Possible reasons

Premenstrual syndrome in each woman manifests itself in different ways, but most often the pain in the stomach area signals hormonal changes in the body. Under the influence of elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone, the uterus contracts and increases in size, as a result of which it begins to put pressure on neighboring organs, therefore problems with intestines and stomach appear during the period of PMS. A few days before menstruation, the abdomen is inflated, epigastric pain, aching sensations in the lower back, and migraines are exacerbated.

The stomach hurts before menstruation for the following reasons:

  • oncology,
  • strong contractions of the uterus,
  • increased hormone levels
  • CNS sensitivity
  • gynecological diseases
  • intolerance to certain products,
  • binge eating,
  • incorrect position of the uterus and adjacent organs
  • pathology of the genitourinary system.

Hormonal stomach pains are often observed in adolescents or premenopausal women, because during these periods the level of estrogen jumps, which causes unpleasant symptoms before and during menstruation.

Some women have stomach pain after eating a certain food. This phenomenon can be explained by individual intolerance to the product, gastritis, increased or decreased acidity of the stomach. During the period of hormonal changes, the female body becomes extremely sensitive, so there is an aggravation of many diseases. It happens that the pain under the rib, causing heart disease, give in the stomach, and the symptoms of this cause is lost.

There are the following gastrointestinal diseases, which are exacerbated during the PMS and cause stomach pain:

  • gastritis,
  • inflammation of the pancreas,
  • polyps
  • poisoning, enteroviruses,
  • infections.

If the discomfort was caused by a change in the hormonal background, then, as a rule, the accompanying symptoms are noted: the woman is sick of sharp odors, the mammary glands swell, intestinal upset or constipation appear. Diarrhea and sharp pains under the ribs signal poisoning. When these symptoms are accompanied by fever, it is likely that rotavirus infection has occurred.

If the pain in the stomach is constantly tormented, aggravated during hormonal growth, and a small portion of food causes a feeling of disgust, then oncology can be suspected. Concomitant depression, dramatic weight loss and lack of appetite only confirm the worst fears, so you can not hesitate, you need to urgently get tested.

Treatment of folk remedies

Usually, the symptoms of menstruation are relieved by analgesics or NSAIDs, but with gastritis, such medicines not only will not help, they also cause harm. If your stomach hurts, you can take tools such as Ultop or Omez, but for menstruation it is better to resort to traditional medicine.

The following products are available to help relieve stomach pain:

  1. Quail eggs (3 pcs.) recommended to drink raw in the morning before breakfast.
  2. To eliminate the sharp pain in the stomach can be eaten bananamashed with a fork.
  3. Blueberry tincture able to remove the discomfort. To prepare, pour a teaspoon of fresh berries with boiling water 200 ml, add 1 tsp. sugar and insist 3-4 hours. Take 5 times a day, 50 ml.
  4. Infusion of chamomile pharmaceutical. It is enough to brew the dry herb according to the recipe so that it turns out 500 ml, divided into five parts and drink during the day.

If a woman feels an unbearable pain in the stomach area, and such feelings arise every menstruation, you should not get involved in the removal of symptoms, but you need to undergo a full examination to identify the root cause of the disease.

Recommendations for changing the diet

If there are no serious pathologies of the urogenital system and organs of the gastrointestinal tract in a woman, in most cases, to eliminate gastric pain with PMS, it is enough to adjust your diet. A week before the estimated monthly need to exclude annoying foods: sauces, smoked and fried foods, fast food, soda, alcohol, chocolate and caffeine.

Foods that need to be included in daily meals:

  • green vegetables,
  • cereals, cereals,
  • steamed fish,
  • poultry meat
  • pomegranate juice,
  • chicken or beef liver

During menstruation, it is better to add foods that contain large amounts of protein. It is important to monitor the water balance and drink at least two liters of fluid per day. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the regime of work and rest, to make walking in the fresh air. It is worth remembering that calcium and magnesium can reduce menstrual pain. They are prescribed in a separate course, but you can choose a diet with the content of these elements.


During menstruation, the woman's body is especially hurt. Weakened immunity easily enterovirus infections. If unbearable stomach pains occur every cycle, you should contact your gynecologist or general practitioner to find out the causes of discomfort. In case of severe pain during PMS, a woman needs to donate blood to detect hormone levels, undergo an ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs, visit a gastroenterologist and an endocrinologist. Only by eliminating all serious diseases, one can understand that stomach pain during menstruation occurs due to the nature of the organism or due to an improper diet, which is easily corrected.

Causes of stomach pain

Women often wonder why there is pain in the stomach? And there are lots of reasons for this, and which ones we will consider below.

  • The number of prostaglandins in the body increases. This is why pain in the stomach is taken. The slightest discomfort is also possible in the abdomen and lumbar region.
  • When an imbalance in the hormonal system of the female body may experience a feeling of discomfort in the stomach.
  • Many stomach pains before menstruation are due to individual sensitivity to certain foods. When you receive these products during the period of PMS, the walls of the gastrointestinal tract are provoked, which will later lead to bloating, nausea.
  • During premenstrual syndrome, abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract are exacerbated due to a weakened immune system. With pancreatitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the abdominal region increases.
  • Frequent overeating is one of the most common causes that causes stomach pain.
  • Some may have an organism that is very sensitive to uterine contractions. During frequent uterine contractions, severe abdominal pain and lower back pain may appear.
  • With a diagnosed cancer before the onset of menstruation, the onset of pain in the abdomen can also be accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. In such cases, it is urgently necessary to consult with experts.

Why exactly you have unpleasant sensations in the abdomen before or during menstruation can be obtained only from a specialist. After the examination and analysis, the doctor will make an accurate diagnosis.

About nutrition

In the presence of premenstrual syndrome painful sensations in the stomach for this period is to adjust your diet.

It is necessary to exclude from everyday use:

  • fried and fatty dishes,
  • spicy
  • chocolate,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • mayonnaise,
  • sauces,
  • smoked meat
  • flour,
  • citrus,
  • coffee,
  • alcohol containing drinks.

Nutrition should be balanced and light, so as not to burden the digestive tract. Food should be predominantly boiled and warm. You should eat about five times during the day and in small portions.

Also do not forget about the drinking regime, it is necessary to drink often and quite a lot. And to get rid of pain in the stomach will help teas or decoctions of raspberry, chamomile, oregano or lemon balm. Ginger tea is quite effective.


It is necessary to adhere to preventive measures in relation to the painful feeling in the stomach during the PMS period, which is not very difficult.

It should rest more, walk and breathe fresh air. Massage in the lumbar region and abdomen.

Before critical days, the female body does not have enough vitamins and microelements to feel well and for the proper functioning of the internal organs. Therefore, you need to drink a vitamin complex, but before that you should consult with your doctor.

In order to prevent and to identify any pathology at an early stage, it is necessary to undergo a regular physical examination.

Diagnosis and treatment

Practically every woman in the period of premenstrual syndrome has a pain in the abdomen, this is considered to be the physiological norm. But if you often have monthly stomach aches, this may indicate violations in the digestive system, so you should consult a doctor who will find out the reason for this process.

If the gynecologist does not find out the reason, then you should contact your gastroenterologist. After the diagnosis is established, a certain treatment method is prescribed.

In some cases, a psychologist is involved in the treatment of stomach pain during menstruation, as pain may occur due to psychological problems.

Can a stomach ache before menstruation

When the female body goes through puberty, all changes are accompanied by minor fluctuations in hormones. Especially these bursts are noticeable with the onset of menstruation. Due to the individual characteristics and physiology, before menstruation, the stomach may ache.

The following signs also join the pain sensations on the eve of menstruation:

  • dizziness,
  • weakness,
  • nausea and possible vomiting,
  • anxiety,
  • apathy.

A prerequisite for stomach pain before menstruation may be excessive uterine contractions and hypersensitivity to them. Although some women associate discomfort with the use of certain products the day before. Irritation of the intestine with intolerable products can cause a reaction from the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary to stop eating this type of food, waiting for periods, better to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits.

More information about the reasons why stomach ache during menstruation can be found in the video:

The reasons for which the stomach hurts before menstruation

Different in duration and intensity of stomach pain during menstruation and in front of them can be identified with premenstrual syndrome. He is also accompanied by swelling of the chest, pain in the nipples, lower back discomfort and intestinal disorders. If pain in the chest and lower abdomen are considered normal, then stomach discomfort on the eve of menstruation occurs for the following reasons:

  1. Non-standard location of the uterus. In some women, the uterus is unconventionally, so it can put pressure on the nerve fibers, causing a condition when the stomach hurts.
  2. Physiology of the body. Individual physiological features, such as the location of the nerve endings in the abdominal cavity, can also cause discomfort.
  3. The inflammatory process of the reproductive system. In women with a history of gynecological diseases, this symptom will not occur. But with inflammations, discomfort, foreshadowing periods, may give to the stomach.

A common cause is adolescence of young girls. When the menstrual cycle occurs, a hormonal imbalance occurs, causing stomach pain. Secondary dysmenorrhea is another cause of stomach pain. In this case, it becomes regular, and occurs when uterine tone. During this period, the woman does not want to eat, there is apathy and fatigue.

How to eliminate pain

The most effective method of eliminating the problem when the stomach hurts during menstruation is the normalization of nutrition and physical activity. Breathing exercises and yoga are suitable for unloading nerve clamps and relaxing. If you do uncomplicated exercises directly with the onset of menstruation, pain will be less disturbing, and soon will pass altogether.

From medicines against pain in the expectation of menstruation help:

  • "No-shpa"
  • "Almagel" helps if heartburn is also present,
  • "Omeprazole" - protects the stomach with manifestations of gastritis.

Also, various anesthetic drugs like Nurofen or Ibuprofen will do - they have an additional anti-inflammatory effect. From folk remedies perfectly relieves the pain of chamomile decoction. For 1 cup of boiling water you will need 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers. Flowers pour boiling water, put the mass in a water bath and boil for 15 minutes, then insist under the lid. Consume before meals for 10 minutes.