Test positive and the period began


A woman's body is a finely tuned system, dozens of hormones manage its work. The slightest internal failures or external influences can lead to an imbalance of the hormonal system. Especially subtly representatives of the weaker sex respond to monthly cyclical changes. Leading a sex life, the couple either plans the birth of a child, or is protected from unwanted at the moment conception.

Ideally, the onset of menstruation indicates the onset of a new cycle, and the delay indicates a successful conception, but everything is not so clear in the female body. It is not uncommon for girls to confuse PMS and pregnancy symptoms, buy a test strip, get a positive test - and her period starts. There are several reasons for this, including ectopic implantation of the ovum, genetic disorders in its development, early miscarriage or hormonal failure.

Ectopic pregnancy

The principle of the test strip is its reaction to the content in the urine of a woman's hormone hCGwhich is formed only in the case of fertilization. The cause of blood discharge in the first weeks after conception may be an ectopic pregnancy.

A fertilized egg does not immediately attach to the inner surface of the uterus, for 5–7 days it moves through the fallopian tube. If the fertilized egg cannot pass into the organ cavity, it is attached to the inner surface of the tube, the pregnancy develops outside the uterus. In the process of dividing the fetus grows, breaks through the tube and causes bleeding. A woman thinks that menstruation has come. If bleeding in ectopic pregnancy is accompanied by acute pain, you should immediately consult a doctor. Delay is fraught with the development of peritonitis.

The test also shows two strips in the case when during the cycle two eggs in parallel matured, but only one of them was fertilized. A fertilized egg passes its growth phases, and the unused biomaterial leaves the body normally.

It is impossible to exclude errors in the study itself. A positive test during menstruation occurs when incorrect collection of urine or due to a defective measuring device. In this case, you must purchase a test strip from another manufacturer and repeat the test. A more reliable result will give a laboratory blood test.

If after a monthly test is positive, contact a gynecologist, he will appoint a set of studies that will determine the cause of these mutually exclusive phenomena.

If the test showed 2 strips, bleeding began, it could be the first sign of spontaneous abortion. In this case, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist, since it is quite difficult to independently distinguish a miscarriage from menstruation. Depending on the situation and the stage of miscarriage, the doctor will be able to decide on the preservation of the child.

It is worth noting that in some cases the fertilized egg is attached in the wrong place of the uterus, and the body rejects it. A positive test and periods can coincide even when the fetus has abnormalities that will not allow it to develop normally. The female body recognizes defects and rejects the embryo in the first weeks of its development. In both cases, the level of the hormone hCG is high enough for a positive reaction test.

The risk of miscarriage is great if:

  1. The fruit has chromosomal defects that are incompatible with life.
  2. There are hormonal failures of the mother.
  3. Shortly before conception or in early pregnancy, a woman suffered a viral illness.
  4. Mother is ill with sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Diagnosed anatomical defects of the genital organs.
  6. A weakness of the cervix is ​​found.
  7. Rhesus-conflict mother and child.

Excess physical and emotional stress, falls and injuries can provoke a miscarriage.

It is customary to distinguish between the threat and several stages of miscarriage.


Miscarriage - a spontaneous abortion for up to 28 weeks. Until the 14th week, miscarriage is considered early, and from 14th to 28th - late. With a history of several unavailable pregnancies, the likelihood of miscarriages is likely to occur during subsequent attempts at motherhood. In the early stages, a woman may not be aware of her interesting position, and she accepts the discharge characteristic of a miscarriage for menstruation.

  • pulling pain in the lower back and lower abdomen,
  • bloody issues.

However, these same manifestations are characteristic of menstruation. Determine the true cause is possible only with a medical examination, after which the doctor will decide on the possibility of maintaining the pregnancy.

Miscarriage in motion

It is also called imminent abortion. If the term is minimal, and the delay was several days, the woman may think that she went monthly, more painful and abundant than usual. Symptoms are increasing, the process is accompanied by very strong cramping pains. The intensity of bleeding increases, the cervix shortens and expands. In this stage, there is often nothing left to save, since the fertilized egg has left the uterus, so the doctor may recommend cleaning after a miscarriage.

Woman tactics

When planning a pregnancy, you need to sensitively monitor well-being and analyze the slightest changes in your condition. If you assume that conception has occurred, do a pregnancy test. Monthly with a positive result - a reason for going to the doctor.

You should not do a pregnancy test during menstruation, because it can show an unreliable result. Pass the laboratory analysis, it is the most reliable way to detect conception. If menstruation goes, and the blood test for hCG is positive, the gynecologist will prescribe a treatment aimed at successfully carrying the fetus.

Pregnancy test is positive and the period began

For each woman, two stripes give the opportunity to experience not just a period, but a whole little journey in which only she communicates with the baby. The whole family is looking forward to the appearance of the main member of the family. Parents can only wait for the baby, and in their free time they can fantasize about what the baby will be like.

As for the process of the emergence of a new life, it is unique, unique, and has its own development scenario. Some mommies learn about the occurrence of pregnancy by making a test, while others are guided by the delay and changes occurring in the body.

Due to the fact that the female body is so amazing and unpredictable system, only a specialist can determine pregnancy. Such situations are represented by the beginning of menstruation with a positive test result.

What does this situation mean? How to behave? We will tell everything in this article.

The body's response to pregnancy

According to experts, no woman can accurately indicate early pregnancy. This can be done with the help of the test. However, it will be safer to visit a gynecologist.

However, medicine in the arsenal has accurate symptoms indicating pregnancy.

So the symptoms are as follows:

  • Sudden changes in mood. In some cases, the aggressiveness is gaining such intensity that the woman is unable to cope with the emotions that have arisen. Of course, before a woman's monthly period, her mood also changes. However, their intensity is weaker. Mood swings indicate hormonal changes in the female body. This symptom occurs first.
  • Other taste preferences. Pregnancy makes adjustments in taste preferences. With the onset of pregnancy, a woman can eat something that she had not eaten before.
  • Toxicosis. This symptom is familiar to almost every woman and complicates life in the first three months. As for the brightness and nature of toxicity, they depend on the individual characteristics of the organism. Some women suffer from toxicosis, while others are partially affected.
  • Insignificant increase in mammary glands. As a rule, a symptom occurs in women in late pregnancy on the eve of breastfeeding. But some women note changes in early pregnancy.
  • Lack of a menstrual cycle. The absence of menstruation indicates the conception of a child. Often, menstruation returns to normal after giving up breastfeeding.

Characteristic features

In addition to the main symptoms, pregnancy is accompanied by other specific manifestations. Such phenomena are represented by lack of sleep, malaise and lethargy. In addition, a pregnant woman perceives smells differently and feels a metallic taste in the mouth.

All of the above symptoms even indicate pregnancy, but do not give an absolute guarantee. To confirm or deny pregnancy you need to do a test.

In the event that the result is positive, the woman must register with the clinic. The woman has a long 9 months ahead, which will give her parents the meaning of life. The birth of a new man is always a holiday.

Ahead of the parents long, sleepless nights and at the same time so happy.

The connection of pregnancy with menstruation

To give the correct answer to the question whether the monthly cycle begins after the test has shown a positive result, it is worthwhile to deal with the processes occurring in the body in women. The main stage of the menstrual cycle is the process of maturation of the egg. If the egg remains unfertilized - it leaves the endometrium. This is called the menstrual cycle.

If the egg has been fertilized, then changes occur in the body, preparing the woman for future birth. All assets the body spends on the preservation of the embryo. During pregnancy, there is a sharp increase in the content of the hormone progesterone in the body. It is responsible for increasing the inner lining of the uterus. Moreover, progesterone prevents contraction of the uterine muscles.

From the foregoing, it follows that menstruation and pregnancy - although it is interconnected, but rare. However, there are cases when the test shows 2 strips and the plan began the menstrual cycle. What is the reason?

According to scientists, menstruation in the first months of pregnancy is an acceptable phenomenon. Most likely, the egg cell was fertilized in the middle of the cycle, as a result of which the organism did not regroup.

This results from the fact that the ovum did not manage to reach the uterus and to gain a foothold in it. As a rule, the process takes from 5 to 14 days. Normally, the next month should not be accompanied by monthly.

In that case, if the bleeding has reappeared, then this is a reason to go to the gynecologist.

Some women are not aware of pregnancy due to the fact that the menstrual cycle goes on schedule. So, what are the main reasons:

  • Hormonal imbalance. If the test result showed 2 strips and the menstrual periods arrived according to the plan, then most likely there is a shortage of the main female hormone, progesterone, in the woman’s body. Women report a low intensity discharge. Taking into account the unstable hormonal background of women, menstruation can be observed during the first trimester, while involving the second. To eliminate the problem, a course of drugs representing an analogue of progesterone is prescribed.
  • The presence of 2 eggs. Due to this, the maturation of the egg occurs in parallel mode. However, only one is fertilized while the second leaves the female body.
  • Unfavorable location of the egg. In that case, if the egg is located in a dangerous place, it will affect the process of blood circulation. Such violations can lead to egg rejection.
  • Fading pregnancy.

Each of the above reasons can lead to abortion, which is accompanied by daubs. In order to avoid the development of such problems, a woman is prescribed a course of therapy.

Of course, there are other reasons why the menstrual cycle begins with a positive test result. Other reasons are not classified by experts as dangerous.

In this situation, the menstrual cycle begins at a certain point. It is worth noting that the cycle is characterized by different intensity and duration.

As for the duration, it can vary within one day or several days.

What needs attention?

First of all, a woman should throw panic aside and tune in to a positive outcome. A woman should not leave monthly during pregnancy without attention. To underestimate the seriousness of daub is stupid. After all, the future child depends on it. Any anomaly indicates violations. In this situation, violations can trigger the activation of the process of rejection of the ovum.

Monthly with a positive pregnancy test

In the morning, urgently pass the hgch, progesterone. To go to the doctor sensible, on the ultrasound is not a fact that something will be seen. After a day hgch retake.

perhaps biochemical pennancy, after which very many people have a healthy and full-fledged pregnancy in a cycle of two, perhaps a threat and need to be supported with urozhestan or dufastone, this will tell you the result of progesterone. In the meantime, there are 2 options.

or call an ambulance and say that bleeding during pregnancy, they will not refuse to take, or bed rest and papaverine in the ass. If menstruation is like a daub, be sure to exclude an ectopic, on a good ultrasound machine with hgch from 1000-1500 units should see the embryo in the uterus or in the tube. Good luck to you, everything will be fine.

Maybe VB. Give HCG a couple of times every other day, look at the dynamics. When HCG wakes up more than 1500, then look at the ultrasound where B. is.

What hgch are you talking about !? Urgent ambulance and persist.

I agree, hgh in dynamics every other day. urgently 2 tablets düfastrn, ditsinon, papaverine.

If in an ambulance and for preservation, then in no case do not settle for cleaning, they may suggest and intimidate, so as not to spoil the statistics.

watch hgch when it is above 1000, it is 5 weeks from the beginning of past M, you can do ultrasound, you will see PJ, but not as an embryo at this time. If the dynamics of hCG will be bad, cancel the support and exclude WB. Good luck.

dasha79rus (November 8, 2016 - 02:51) wrote (a):

What hgch are you talking about !? Urgent ambulance and persist.

to save B, you need to define it for a start. Doctors do not particularly look at the tests, it is necessary to pass hcch, and then take action.

Even as doctors look at the tests. Checked on yourself! Call an ambulance!

** Irina ** (November 8, 2016 - 06:22) wrote (a):

to save B, you need to define it for a start. Doctors do not particularly look at the tests, it is necessary to pass hcch, and then take action.

Here I agree. Tests do not speak about doctors. They will say M came. I came to the ambulance so long ago. 5 weeks was. Moreover, G confirmed the size of the uterus, and in the sanitary inspection room I was soooo inspected.

I thought it would be a miscarriage. They said that there is nothing. Sent to take somewhere hgch. So much for saving.

More on the emergency did not go, only with the direction through her G.

Then they don't look at the sanitary inspection room.

Run to the hospital! Give blood for hCG in any case, and progesterone too. I agree with the girls on the account of Dyuf, there is no time to wait for a few days, you need to include support already, if B is confirmed.
Let everythnig will be alright!

Well, as a matter of fact: go urgently to T, let him appoint you duphaston. But-shpu drink, Magne B6, papaverine in the ass and lie

** Irina ** (November 8, 2016 - 06:22) wrote (a):

to save B, you need to define it for a start. Doctors do not particularly look at the tests, it is necessary to pass hcch, and then take action.

If I did as you say, then my son, I probably would not have. I didn’t have anything at the time of the emergency call! The hospital did everything. And they took the blood on hgch and later did an ultrasound. So wait for the weather from the sea and still go to the laboratories to donate blood, it is only time to lose. The ambulance is obliged to pick it up and in the waiting room they will take it!

In an ambulance. This is a threat, not a monthly.

One would think that BHB if there were ghosts on the tests, but you caught up.

Rostya (November 8, 2016 - 07:11) wrote (a):

Here I agree. Tests do not speak about doctors. They will say M came. I came to the ambulance so long ago. 5 weeks was. Moreover, G confirmed the size of the uterus, and in the sanitary inspection room I was soooo inspected.

I thought it would be a miscarriage. They said that there is nothing. Sent to take somewhere hgch. So much for saving. I didn’t go more quickly, only with the direction through my G.

Then they don't look at the sanitary inspection room.

I do not agree, I was with 5 days of delay, and a very weakly positive test, was persuaded in an ambulance to lie down on conservation until it became clear that it was. The ambulance brought at 3 o'clock in the morning, immediately dragged to the ultrasound, but saw nothing.

At 7 in the morning, as soon as the lab worked, they took blood on hgch, they repeated it a day later. Discharged only when excluded WB and the threat of EB. It was a hormone failure, but the doctors took it very seriously. Then they explained that in such situations, they are very worried about WB.

Nobody offered a purge, they only asked if it would turn out to be ber if I wanted to save it.

Thank you girls for all the advice, today it became better .. lamb barely barely. I unfortunately live in this country .. where no one will bother about saving! It does not save. she herself has already encountered such a situation .. last time ..

at 12 weeks of pregnancy, I myself went to the hospital with a little bleeding, I was just turned home with the words we can do nothing. nature is like that .. natural selection. So the ambulance will not even look in my direction.

even there are no such medicines, and you advise them to take them. I only have drugs from drugs. I can hand over. but you can only see an appointment with a doctor in a week. there is no point in the ultrasound ..

as there is no delay as such! Naturally there will be an answer. we see nothing. you have periods! So while the situation is at a standstill.

Positive test and monthly

32. Sonya | 16.01.2015, 13:47:41 [2828759144]

I have the same situation, 5 positive tests, the 12th day of the delay, but blood did not go as usual with M, the cyst of the left ovary immediately went to the ultrasound, although it does not see that menstruation should begin, says either too short a period or not B. She said that she donated blood for hCG, we will see))) if I don’t pass blood before Monday, if not) then just monthly ((((and we couldn’t rejoice so much ((((luck to all girls ***)

What will the pregnancy test show if you do it during menstruation?

Each adult girl can not know that pregnancy and menstruation - are mutually exclusive concepts. But sometimes doubt arises. The question of whether it is possible to do a pregnancy test during menstruation, interests many women of reproductive age.

It is impossible to prohibit a woman to conduct home testing in any phase of the cycle. Moreover, no such contraindications. However, compliance with the rules and the correct interpretation of the results obtained become the decisive factor in this process.

Are there any periods during pregnancy

Following the theory, a pregnancy test during menstruation does not make sense. The menstrual cycle is divided into three phases:

  • follicular phase (active growth and maturation of follicles occur)
  • ovulatory (determined by the dominant follicle, which releases the egg),
  • luteal phase (in place of the follicular sac, a yellow body forms).

Further, in the absence of pregnancy, menstruation begins - rejection of the endometrium, which was grown to attach the ovum. If conception has occurred, then menstruation does not come on the fixed day.

A fetal egg is attached to the wall of the reproductive organ and uses the endometrium as a nutrient medium, much like the plant is fed from the soil.

The corpus luteum, which functions in place of a bursting follicle, secretes progesterone, which supports the development of a new life.

It is logical to say that a pregnancy test for menstruation will show a negative result. After all, if the bleeding began, the conception did not take place. Despite the rule, there are always exceptions.

It happens that before the delay a positive test was received and the menstruation began in the usual manner. Or the menstrual bleeding is over, and the strip strip shows a positive response.

Of course, in any doubtful situation, you should contact a gynecologist or on your own initiative to do an ultrasound scan, but you will not be overly aware of the reasons for this condition either.

The test showed two strips, but menstruation began.

If the test is positive, but the period has begun, then the first thing doctors will think about is the threat of interruption. Gynecological statistics shows that every third expectant mother encounters this condition at different times. The causes of the threat can be very different:

  • insufficiency of the corpus luteum,
  • formation of detachment and hematoma,
  • abdominal trauma,
  • endocrine system malfunction
  • increased nervousness
  • hard physical labor
  • sloppy gynecological examination,
  • "Aggressive" sexual intercourse.

In many cases, timely medical intervention and correctly chosen therapy will allow the pregnancy to be preserved so that the next menstruation will go only after delivery.

Another reason that the test was positive and the period started a few days later was the misuse of the strip. In fact, there was no pregnancy, and the test was wrong. False positive results can occur with certain gynecological and systemic diseases.

Also, the cause of this condition may be a biochemical pregnancy, which was interrupted before the delay. That is, the fertilization of the egg took place, but it did not attach to the wall of the uterus.

Another option is an ectopic pregnancy. Attaching a gestational sac in an inappropriate place is manifested in the fact that a positive pregnancy test is accompanied by vaginal bleeding.

Two strips after menstruation

After menstruation, a positive test can be for two reasons:

  • it is about bleeding that is not related to menstruation,
  • hormonal failure occurred, resulting in two ovulations.

If the study was conducted immediately after the end of the bleeding, and the test shows two strips, then the cause of this condition may be a hormonal failure. The test may mistaken for hormone hCG some other hormones, if they are present in the urine in high concentrations.

In rare cases, a woman may experience two ovulations in one cycle. In this case, the release of the egg will be realized at different times. One follicle sovuliruet in the prescribed period, and the second just before menstruation. With unprotected sexual contact, conception will occur, as a result of which the woman will receive a positive test a few days after the bleeding has ended.

Many women mistaken for menstruation bleeding, having a different origin. For example, there is a pregnancy, and bleeding is caused by erosion or injury to the cervix. Often this bleeding occurs after intercourse. It turns out that the conception happened, and the test will soon show a positive result, and the woman believes that now she is having her period.

The cause of short bleeding may be implantation of the embryo in the uterus.

If a woman conducts testing at home only 3-5 days after the menstruation, the bleeding was short and not abundant, and the test shows 2 strips, probably, implantation took place.

With the introduction of the ovum into the wall of the reproductive organ, insignificant damage to the blood vessels occurs. Allocation of blood within 1-3 days are considered normal, but many women take them for another menstruation. Patients say the doctor that they had a positive test after menstruation.

Does it make sense to do a test

To answer the question whether it is possible to do a pregnancy test for menstruation in one case or another, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of this mini-device.

Despite the different price category, different types and different ways of use, the mechanism of operation of all devices is the same. The main goal is to detect pregnancy hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin.

Most strip strips, inkjet and tablet devices have a hidden reagent on their surface.

Upon contact with the urine of the future mother, it manifests itself, and the woman sees that the test showed 2 strips. It should be noted that in the blood the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin is significantly higher than in the urine. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of pregnancy during menstruation, a blood test should be done for hCG. The reliability of this analysis is very high.

The question whether the test will show pregnancy during menstruation can be answered in the affirmative. But only with the proviso: in fact, it is not monthly, but a bleeding of a completely different nature. If the conception occurred 10-14 days ago or earlier, then a home study conducted in accordance with the instructions will show the correct positive result. Bleeding will not affect it.

It is important to perform the diagnostics correctly. To prevent the menstrual fluid from entering the urine container, it is necessary to thoroughly wash under the material and insert the tampon into the vagina before taking the material.

The causes of bleeding with a positive result may be non-physiological (for example, embryo implantation) and pathological (risk of abortion).

Medical examination will help to reliably understand what is happening, and take action if necessary.

Spontaneous abortion

The situation when bleeding begins after a positive test is quite common. For most expectant mothers, this happens early, up to 12 weeks.

A pregnancy test for menstruation can be done in this case in order to make sure that it has not failed. If a woman notices that the test strip becomes paler, then the miscarriage probably began and nothing can be fixed.

Additional symptoms of the threat of interruption are pulling pain in the lower abdomen and lower back.

Pregnancy test: everything you wanted to know | My Gynecologist

| My Gynecologist

From the very first days after conceiving a child, the level of hCG (chorionic gonadotropin) in the blood of a pregnant woman increases.

A few weeks after conception, the level of hCG in the blood becomes so high that this hormone begins to stand out with the urine.

Pregnancy tests determine the amount of hCG in the urine, and if it is elevated, the tests become positive, telling the pregnant woman that she is in the position.

What are the pregnancy tests?

There are several types of pregnancy tests that differ in appearance, design, usability and price.

  • The test strip is the cheapest type of pregnancy test, which in this case is not inferior in quality to the other types of tests. The main disadvantage of such tests is the inconvenience of use: to determine pregnancy, it is necessary to collect urine in a clean tank and then lower the test strip into the urine.
  • Inkjet pregnancy test is more expensive, but easier to use. To determine pregnancy, it is not necessary to collect urine in the reservoir: just pee on the receiving end of the test, and after a few minutes you will be able to find out the result.
  • Tablet pregnancy test is rarely used at home due to the relatively complicated procedure of use. To determine pregnancy, it is necessary to collect urine in a special reservoir, and then with a pipette, drop a few drops of urine into a special well (or window) on the tablet.
  • The digital pregnancy test is a new generation of tests that has gained wide popularity among both doctors and expectant mothers. After contact with urine, this test not only shows whether there is a pregnancy, but also determines its duration in weeks.

Some pregnancy tests can be assessed 1 minute after contact with urine, others 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc. This information is indicated in the instructions for each specific test. Studies have shown that “5-minute” tests are as effective as “1-minute” tests.

What is the most effective test?

When choosing a pregnancy test, pay attention to its sensitivity, which is always indicated on the package. Most modern pregnancy tests show a positive result if the level of hCG in the urine is at least 25 IU / ml (mIU / ml). This level of hCG in the urine can be observed already in the first weeks of the delay.

How to make a pregnancy test?

It may sound paradoxical, but not so much how much your test is worth, how much is important how you use it. Even the cheapest pregnancy test will show the correct result, if you do everything according to the rules.

1. The test is done with morning urine.

The level of hCG in the urine is highest in the morning - this is due to the fact that you did not drink water during the night and your urine became more concentrated. Therefore, a pregnancy test (especially in the early stages!) Should be done with the first morning urine.

Do not listen to manufacturers who recommend doing the test at any time of the day. In diluted urine, the level of hCG will be so low that the test will not detect it, and you will have to go to the pharmacy for new tests.

Isn’t it better to buy folic acid with this money for the health of the future baby?

2. Read the test instructions

Not all pregnancy tests are the same, so every time you buy a test of a new company, read how to use it. In the manual, all this is discussed in detail. Pay attention to how much time you can read the result: with some tests, the result appears in a minute, and with others you have to wait 5-10 minutes.

3. At least one bar should appear.

If you did a test, but not a single strip appeared on it, then you did the test incorrectly, or it is defective (expired).

When can I do a pregnancy test?

Now in the instructions for many pregnancy tests you can read that the test will show pregnancy in the first days of the delay, or even before the delay.

Unfortunately, most often this information is false.

A study in the United States found that most pregnancy tests are not so sensitive, so they can give negative results in early pregnancy.

Gynecologists recommend doing a pregnancy test for 5-7 days delay, and if it is negative, repeat a week later.

If you are not guided by the delay, but by the date of sexual intercourse, then a pregnancy test can be done no earlier than 3.5-4 weeks after intercourse.

Attention: the results of pregnancy tests carried out in the first 1-2 weeks after intercourse cannot be considered final.

Can I do a pregnancy test during menstruation?

It is known that in the early stages of pregnancy a woman may have a bloody discharge. Therefore, even if you have begun menstruation, but the suspicion of pregnancy remains, you can do a pregnancy test.

Monthly will not distort the test results, if you manage to collect for the analysis of urine without blood impurities.

What if you do a pregnancy test earlier?

If you do a pregnancy test before the delay or in the first days or weeks after sexual intercourse, its results may be incorrect.

A positive result should be regarded as a pregnancy, and a negative result does not guarantee that there is no pregnancy. The test will need to be repeated again in due time.

Is it possible to determine pregnancy earlier?

If you can not wait until the pregnancy test will give a positive result, then there is a way to identify the pregnancy earlier. For this you need to pass a blood test for hCG. The level of hCG in the blood begins to grow earlier than in the urine, so the pregnancy can be detected as early as 11 days after the expected date of conception.

What if you go to a gynecologist?

The gynecologist can examine you for the presence of the first signs of pregnancy: an increase in the size of the uterus, hardening of the uterus during palpation, and others.

The doctor may express his opinion about whether you are pregnant or not, but still, until a blood test for hCG or a pregnancy test becomes positive, the gynecologist will not be able to tell you something definite.

I have a delay, and the test is negative. What does it mean?

If you live sexually, the delay in menstruation first thing makes you wonder if there is a pregnancy. But pregnancy does not always cause a delay. Other causes of menstruation delay:

  • Stress, emotional stress
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Change of residence, climate, time of year
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • Colds
  • Hormonal disorders (eg, thyroid disease)
  • Ovarian cyst
  • Hormonal failures due to disruption of the ovaries
  • Polycystic ovary

On our site there is a separate article on this topic: 10 reasons for the delay of menstruation.

If the pregnancy test gave a negative result, then you need to contact a gynecologist in order for him to examine you. You can also go for ultrasound: the thickness of the endometrium on ultrasound can understand when to wait for menstruation, and sometimes find out the cause of the delay.

I have no delay, but there are other symptoms of pregnancy, and the test is negative

It happens that not so much time passed after intercourse, and the delay has not yet come, but the first symptoms of pregnancy are already felt: nausea, vomiting, swelling of the mammary glands, change in taste preferences, drowsiness, mood changes and so on. You are doing a pregnancy test, but it turns out to be negative. What to do in this situation? There are several options:

  • Wait. Wait for the date when you should begin your period. If the monthly come on time, then pregnancy is unlikely. And yet, you can repeat the pregnancy test in a few days.
  • Take a blood test for hCG. This analysis can give a positive result even before the delay of menstruation and until the test becomes positive.

Pregnancy and childbirth ⇒ Pregnancy tests are positive and they go monthly

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Can menstruation begin during pregnancy?

Despite the rapid development of technology and health, humanity still can not fully explain the processes occurring in the body of a woman during pregnancy. Even now it is almost impossible to predict how pregnancy will proceed, because this process is individual for each woman. Sometimes the development of pregnancy can be so unusual that only specialists can recognize the birth of a new life.

The first signs of pregnancy:

  • toxicosis,
  • mood swings
  • irritability.

If these signs appear, it is worthwhile to make a special test, and it is best to consult a doctor.

The most reliable evidence of pregnancy is the testimony of a special test and the cessation of menstruation, but sometimes these two signs may contradict each other.

Why do menstruations come during pregnancy? Immediately after the embryo begins to develop in the uterus, the woman's body produces a special complex of hormones. In particular, the amount of progesterone produced is greatly increased, this hormone regulates the growth of the inner uterine membrane and practically paralyzes the muscles of the uterus to eliminate the likelihood of accidental rejection of the fetus.

Menstruation is a process in which the old egg is removed from the body along with part of the inner lining of the uterus, therefore, with an increased content of progesterone, menstruation is almost impossible.

If the test is positive and the periods come, then most often there is no reason to worry about the health of the child. Monthly can come in 5-14 days after conception, and there is nothing strange in this. The fact is that until the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, all processes in the woman’s body occur as usual, and the movement of the embryo can take up to two weeks. Therefore, if conception occurred in the middle of the menstrual cycle, then in the first month of pregnancy, the delay in menstruation may not be observed. But if the menstruation does not stop for two months, then it is necessary to consult a doctor as soon as possible, since the consequences can be unpredictable.

Reasons to continue during pregnancy

Possible reasons for the lack of delay during pregnancy are as follows:

  • ectopic pregnancy,
  • hormonal disbalance,
  • superovulation,
  • hyperandrogenism,
  • genetic abnormalities
  • frozen pregnancy.

It is extremely important to recognize an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of embryo development, because this situation is dangerous not only for the child, but also for the mother herself. Only specialists can diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, so in the absence of delay it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor.

A rather rare phenomenon in which the fertilized egg is fixed in the unfavorable part of the uterus should be attributed to this category. In this case, the probability of rejection of the fetus is already in the early stages of development, because the embryo cannot receive a sufficient number of elements necessary for life.

From the moment of conception in a woman's body, a strong change in the set of produced hormones occurs. If during pregnancy there are monthly, then the reason for this may be a violation in the set of hormones. Hormonal disruptions can manifest themselves in different ways during pregnancy. The most common deviation of this type is an insufficient amount of the hormone progesterone.

Unfortunately, the correct hormonal background during pregnancy in the modern world is organized less and less, which is why a sufficiently large number of women face this problem. Today, most hormonal disruptions are easily corrected with the help of special preparations.

The body of most women produces only one egg per menstrual cycle. But with superovulation, there is more than one egg, most often two. In this case, the absence of delay is not a bad sign, because the fertilized egg quietly develops in the body of a woman, and during menstruation another female gamete is released, which was formed in parallel. It should be noted that superovulation is not as common.

Hyperandrogenism is a special case of hormonal disorders, but is most often allocated to a separate type due to its prevalence. The phenomenon got its name from the name of the male hormone androgen. There is a small amount of this substance in the body of a woman, and in case of hyperandrogenism, its amount significantly exceeds the norm, which can cause cessation of fetal development or rejection of the embryo. The specialist who identified this problem usually prescribes drugs to the girl that control the level of androgen in the body.

Genetic abnormalities are a problem that many pregnant women face. Deviations of this type can greatly affect the development of the fetus, so the patient with such a diagnosis should be under the supervision of specialists throughout the 9 months.

With the so-called frozen pregnancy, a woman should also be under the supervision of qualified doctors. In most cases, this deviation can be corrected, for which the patient must undergo a course of special therapy.

There are also other reasons for the continuation of menstruation during pregnancy. But doctors do not rank them among a number of serious abnormalities that can harm a mother or child. In order to preserve the future child as much as possible from all possible dangers, it is best to regularly visit a doctor.
To reduce the risk of termination of pregnancy or the development of congenital malformations in the fetus, doctors recommend to be examined before conception.

One of the most unpleasant consequences in the absence of delay is that a woman may not even suspect that she is pregnant. In this case, there are no specific irregularities in the menstrual cycle, and girls may not think about acquiring a special test. When menstruation occurs during pregnancy, the fetus can suffer greatly.

What you should pay attention to during menstruation during pregnancy?

When detecting the continuation of the menstrual cycle, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is best to begin to regularly visit a specialist after the discovery of conception. According to statistics, the vast majority of pregnant women who have applied to specialists in the first trimester of fetal development are carrying a full-fledged child without any particular difficulties.

It should be understood that the continuation of menstruation during the development of the fetus is almost always a bright sign of any anomaly, albeit insignificant, and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Any selection can also indicate the initial stage of embryo rejection.
If a woman underwent a special examination before conception, then when her period began, you should not panic. Most likely, the doctors have already foreseen possible options for the development of events and know what to do in this case.

In medical practice, there are many cases where the monthly went throughout the development of the fetus, so do not be afraid of this phenomenon. Qualified doctors have the most modern technology, so it is possible to cure almost all abnormalities associated with secretions during pregnancy.

Why with two strips on the test went monthly

For each woman, two stripes give the opportunity to experience not just a period, but a whole little journey in which only she communicates with the baby. The whole family is looking forward to the appearance of the main member of the family. Parents can only wait for the baby, and in their free time they can fantasize about what the baby will be like.

As for the process of the emergence of a new life, it is unique, unique, and has its own development scenario. Some mommies learn about the occurrence of pregnancy by making a test, while others are guided by the delay and changes occurring in the body. Due to the fact that the female body is so amazing and unpredictable system, only a specialist can determine pregnancy. Such situations are represented by the beginning of menstruation with a positive test result. What does this situation mean? How to behave? We will tell everything in this article.

The test is positive, but came monthly

Even if you have bloody discharge, similar to the monthly, the test results should still be considered positive. That is, you are really pregnant, but at the moment pregnancy may be at risk.

In this situation, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible, who will clarify the cause of the bleeding and, if necessary, prescribe treatment. On our website there is a separate article devoted to this topic: Monthly at early pregnancy.

After the menstrual test is positive for pregnancy

Most women know that every month, roughly in the middle of a cycle, there are days when conception is most likely. Some are waiting for them with caution, others with hope. Most women are confident that if the monthly came on time - there is no delay - it means that there is no pregnancy.

Someone sighs of relief and puts a new mark in the calendar about the beginning of the next cycle. Someone, on the contrary, is upset about not having the desired desired pregnancy. But in nature, events do not always develop as you used to.

Features of the female cycle

The cycle of a woman is the interval from the first day of the month to the next time they start. Its average duration is one lunar month or 28 days. But it is on average. In practice, there can be both very short, 21 days, and longer, up to 37 days, cycles.

Any cycle can be divided into two phases, the first of which ends with ovulation lasting about a day or two. The second, starting after it - actually menstrual bleeding, the duration of which can vary from three to seven days.

All are regulated by two hormones: follicle-stimulating and luteinizing, which the pituitary gland produces. The cycle itself is divided into three main phases:

  • The follicular or menstrual phase begins from the first day of the cycle, that is, from the moment the next menstrual periods have gone and continues to about the middle of it. During this time, under the influence of the hormone, which actually gave the name to this phase, one of the follicles mature in the ovaries, which becomes dominant and in the future will give rise to a new ovum.
  • The ovulatory phase begins from the moment of the rupture of the membrane of the dominant follicle and the release of the egg cell ready for fertilization. This phase can last from 12 hours to two days.
  • Luteal - the third and last phase of the cycle, which controls the luteinizing hormone. It begins after ovulation, since the formation of the corpus luteum in the body - a temporary endocrine gland that produces hormones, designed to preserve pregnancy. Of course, if in the second phase of the cycle conception occurred. If this does not happen, the yellow body simply stops working. Decreasing hormone levels, mainly progesterone, leads to rejection of the uterine mucosa, menstruation begins and a new cycle begins.

With the onset of pregnancy, the corpus luteum is maintained until the formation of the placenta, which assumes its function. The level of hormones is growing and menstruation does not occur.

How does a pregnancy test work?

However, in this scenario, events do not always develop. There are cases when the expected delay at the onset of pregnancy does not occur, periods come strictly on schedule, and the pregnancy test shows a positive result. Although it seems that this is impossible. To understand the reason for this, first it is worth figuring out what he is responding to.

Approximately on the fifth-seventh day from the moment of fertilization, the egg enters the uterus, where it is fixed on one of its walls. The outer shell, formed by this time, is chorion, has many blood vessels and not only provides good nutrition to the fetus, but also produces a special hormone designed to preserve the pregnancy.

It is the presence of this hormone, which due to the shell and got its name, determines the pregnancy test.

If the test is positive

Normally, chorionic gonadotropin in the body of a non-pregnant woman is not formed, and the most sensitive test is able to determine it with a minimum concentration in the urine of 25 mU / ml. However, it happens that the monthly came on time, and after them the test unexpectedly showed two strips. It happens in two cases:

  • If the pregnancy is still there, but the monthly came exactly on time.
  • If there is no pregnancy, menstruation is gone, but the test determines the presence of gonadotropin in the urine.

In addition to confirmation of pregnancy, gonadotropin is an indicator of its normal course and helps to identify various abnormalities.

That is why the analysis of hCG is one of the main and is rented throughout the entire period of the child bearing.

Monthly at the onset of pregnancy

Quite often, the signs of early pregnancy are similar in PMS. A woman feels nauseous in the morning, in which she blames the ration errors. Suffering from insomnia and irritability, which blames on the features of the cycle, hormones, or trouble at work.

But her period came on time, without delay, and this makes her finally convinced that there is no pregnancy. However, this is not always the case.

Monthly in early pregnancy - a phenomenon, though rare, but still occurring. Not always their presence indicates the development of pathology, quite often menstruation is a kind of norm. There may be several such situations.

The egg has not managed to gain a foothold

It happens that the fertilized egg does not have time to get out of the fallopian tube and will be fixed in the uterus. In this case, it does not provoke the production of hormones aimed at preserving the embryo.

The body still does not know about the onset of pregnancy and events develop according to the usual scenario. The mucous layer of the uterus becomes thinner, dries out and is torn away and menstruation goes on without delay. All this time, the embryo is in the cavity of the tube, and then it is fixed on the new endometrial layer.

Especially often this happens with a short - in 21 days - cycle.

Double ovulation

In the body at the same time or with a break of several days, two eggs mature. One of them is fertilized, and the one that is unlucky, comes along with regular menstrual periods, which also go without delay.

According to statistics, this repeated surge of hormones, provoking the maturation of another egg, occurs in about 10% of women.

The nature of this phenomenon has not yet been studied enough, scientists have not been able to find out exactly what is capable of provoking the maturation of two eggs at once.

It is believed that stressful situations, irregular sex life and even some foods are responsible for this.

Implant bleeding

This bleeding, which occurs after the egg is attached to the endometrium of the uterus, is often confused with menstruation, especially if it is long and begins on a familiar day.

When an embryo is attached to the wall of the uterus, the vessels are damaged, with which it is quite tightly penetrated. Implant bleeding occurs about 10–14 days after conception.

If your cycle is 28 days, then confusing it with the beginning of menstruation is quite simple.

Other reasons

In both situations, the expected delay in menstruation is likely to happen in the second month of pregnancy. However, sometimes this does not happen. The reasons that menstrual bleeding occurs in the second and even in the third month can be:

  • Hormonal disruptions, especially those associated with insufficient progesterone production.
  • Hyperandrogenism, in which the body begins to produce the male sex hormone - androgen.
  • Attaching an egg in an unfavorable place.
  • Inflammatory or infectious diseases.
  • The death of one of the embryos in the case of multiple pregnancies.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Impending or ectopic pregnancy, which also gives a positive test result.

What should be done?

If the monthly came in the first month of pregnancy, then this is not a reason for panic. Such bleeding is usually:

  • It has a mild nature.
  • Pink or brown tint of discharge.
  • It does not increase with time, but, on the contrary, passes a maximum in a day or two.

Most likely, it is associated with the implantation of the egg. However, even it should not be ignored.

Any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, especially if it occurs in the second or third month, requires immediate medical attention.

Also, the danger is bleeding at any time, accompanied by pain, dizziness, pallor, a drop in blood pressure and rapid heartbeat.

Positive result after menstruation

However, it happens that there is no pregnancy, monthly came on time, but after them the test unexpectedly showed two strips. That is, in the body there is chorionic gonadotropin, and in quite large quantities.

If you do not take into account the poor quality of the test, the marriage, expired shelf life or improper storage, then there may be several reasons for the presence of a hormone in the body:

  • An intimate soap or cream got into the urine sample, to which the dye-substance reacted.
  • Erroneous use instead of urine, saliva or blood, which may also contain their own hormones that can cause a test reaction.
  • Interrupted in a natural way, most often due to hormonal disruptions, in the early stages, pregnancy. The likelihood of such an event persists until the 12-week deadline, while the delay in menstruation may not happen, and the test result will be positive.
  • HCG preparations that are prescribed to stimulate ovulation or to maintain the function of the corpus luteum of the ovaries.
  • Tumor diseases of the ovaries or uterus.

However, in order to eliminate the first two causes of false positive results, it is sufficient to use sterile urine collection containers or a jet test for analysis. It is better to carry out the analysis in the morning when the concentration of the hormone in the urine is higher.

Natalia Evgenievna Pokhodilova

Psychologist, Kinesiologist Online consultant. Specialist from the website

depending on what periods, if daub is not all lost, you would explain the whole situation to the hospital

No, not daub. But not watered. My doctor on sick leave, I do not know what to do. Scary call

I left 2 comments - for some reason my name was lost.

Maybe you just call female consultation. they will probably tell you better

I'll try. Thank you for the advice. It's just that there hasn’t been there for 10 years, and I forgot to think about them.

Want a child - call 03!
This could be a miscarriage, and you sit!
They will not do anything to you, only help! Why be afraid of that?
And from the consultation anyway, the doctor will call an ambulance - only you will lose precious time.

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Broke, most likely. There is nothing to save for sure. At another time everything will turn out.

Broke, most likely. There is nothing to save for sure. At another time everything will turn out.

the author, I had a delay of 9 days and blood blew! the stomach did not even hurt. A test with a bright 2 strip. The nearest one went to the maternity hospital - it is not visible to the ultrasound, they said. There is nothing to save! forget type ((Hgch passed - 13. And every day less. Check. That the ectopic was not on the ultrasound! Such a period. It makes no sense to save, do not suffer. After 4 months everything worked out as it should! The doctor told me that I miscarried early The deadline is an inferior fetus. In general, there were no reasons for this! Genetic malfunction.

Goodnight! I have the following situation. Had sex with a partner a week ago. The next day they went monthly. Two days ago, nausea started, vomiting at night. Last night I bought a test, shows 2 strips. Is the fact of pregnancy possible in such a case or are these false processes of "pregnancy" in the body (I read somewhere that this happens)? Are there any other ways to confirm / deny a pregnancy?

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I have three days of delay, made the test clearbly showed positive, and today went monthly

Help me please. I had a delay of 9 days, made a test, the second strip is, but weak. The next day we went M. Below the belly pulls.

I checked the test two strips! but one is lighter! Monthly this morning went! Tell me what it could be.

I checked the test two strips! but one is lighter! Monthly this morning went! Tell me what it could be.

Same. Monthly did not occur more than 10 days. Made 2 tests - both positive. But today, 2 days after the tests, in the morning the stomach began to ache and began to smear with blood. On my monthly my usual not like. On Monday I will go to the antenatal clinic, then I will write what they said.

Same. Monthly did not occur more than 10 days. Made 2 tests - both positive. But today, 2 days after the tests, in the morning the stomach began to ache and began to smear with blood. On my monthly my usual not like. On Monday I will go to the antenatal clinic, then I will write what they said.

Hello, I have a pregnancy in gynecology, 5 weeks, but 4 days ago my periods started, is this normal ?! My uterus is two-horned, I did a test today - it's positive, tell me, is this normal ?! I heard that when the two-horned uterus is the norm.

Hello, the test is positive, there is a delay of 8 days and today we have monthly periods. Was there a pregnancy? Am I pregnant now?

Hello, the test is positive, there is a delay of 8 days and today we have monthly periods. Was there a pregnancy? Am I pregnant now?

Hello! I want to share my story. There was a delay of 4 days, made a few tests - positive. I went to the gynecologist, she said that the delay was still small, but confirmed the pregnancy during the examination, even seemed to have no doubt, otherwise she would have sent for an ultrasound or take hCG. I’m all so happy and happy, I’ve set up plans already, I’ve all been happy with this news. But it was not there. On the 8th day of the delay, the lower abdomen began to hurt and bleeding appeared (very similar to the usual beginning of menstruation). They called an ambulance, they did a test in the waiting room, a negative one, the gynecologist looked, said there was no pregnancy, her period began. And the fact that the tests were positive before that, and that another gynecologist gave me a pregnancy, did not bother her. I don’t know now that this was either a pregnancy or a usual delay, although I had never had any delays before. The next time in this situation, I will immediately go to HCG. Although for me, it would be better if this delay was than a miscarriage.

I also have a 4 day delay and all tests are positive. The electronic test showed a 2 week period and last night they went monthly меся I don’t know what to do

I also had. Tests lie. Do not worry.

I also have a 4 day delay and all tests are positive. The electronic test showed a 2 week period and last night they went monthly меся I don’t know what to do

Well, what is pregnancy?

I have the same situation, 5 positive tests, the 12th day of the delay, but blood did not go as usual with M, the cyst of the left ovary immediately went to the ultrasound, although it does not see that menstruation should begin, says either too short a period or not B. She said that she donated blood for hCG, we will see))) if I don’t pass blood before Monday, if not) then just monthly ((((and we couldn’t rejoice so much ((((luck to all girls ***)

girls, I have a week delay, did the test Evie had weak second strips, made ClearBlue yesterday, showed + (positive) 1-2 weeks .. I was delighted)) But today the monthly periods were not very strong but they are going, pulling the stomach and still nauseous. How to understand this all, the digital test deceived?

I will write my real case. There was a week delay, the test did not, maybe, for 13 years there were no monthly periods even on the day of the delay. Only married and not protected. After a week of delays came monthly, normal, walked five days. After a month, the delay is again, I immediately make a test - two strips. I went to the LCD and the pregnancy is already 9 weeks. I had a shrank of the fetus, so said the doctor. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter, a healthy wrong word-5950, 55 cm 10 on Apgar scale!

Nastya, very happy for you and your daughter. With a good mood, I will wait for Monday the opinion of the doctor, I hope for the best)

Hi girls, I want to share my story, now I don’t know what to do, I got confused in everything, but your comments and life stories are encouraging! for 10 years of marriage, there has never been a delay, and even more so pregnancy. Doctors say both are healthy, wait, but so far, alas! 8 days delay and 2 positive tests, the ultrasound is not visible yet, but as my gynecologist told me, there is a yellow body in the tube on the way to the uterus and it is possible that it is a fetus. On the same day, menstruation begins, I am confused and utterly disappointed. I was also encouraged by my relatives! Who am I in their eyes now?

And I had no delay as such. Ovulation came on 18 ds (usually 14) after 11 dpo I do a test - weakly positive, I was delighted. BT stayed 37. On the same day I experience severe stress and the next morning, BT drops to 36.6, I do a test-negative, the next morning, again 36.6 and abdominal discomfort, and now I’m kind of like menstruation (brownish blood clots) I do not know. Probably broke down due to stress? What should I do?(((

I had a delay for 2 weeks, the tests did everything positive, I started smearing yesterday, and today we went. My friend found out she was pregnant for 4 months. these 4 months she went monthly.

I have a similar situation. First the joy, then the disappointment. But after that came the fear. test and menstruation is not the norm. It’s been in the net of everything, so I got nervous that over the weekend I lost 4 kg. I lost weight .. I went to the doctor, they had a suspicion of ectopic. frightened so do not pass. ultrasound analyzes. said everything is good, there is no ectopic or uterine pregnancy. So I sit and think what it was? After all, 7 tests cannot lie, I even did clear blu-showed + 1-2, I don't understand anything. We really want a second child, after all God thank you for giving me the first. Little girls, let's not despair, we’ll have everything.

Hello! I want to tell my story, maybe someone will tell something, because I don `t know what to do next. The menstruation was 10 days and it hurt on the right, then on the left, the test showed a weak second strip, they went to the doctor, he said that he did not see the pregnancy, but it could not go down the tubes to the uterus. Said to wait a week. On the second day, her period began in the morning and her stomach was very sick. Three days monthly went quite normally, but they did not stop further. bleeding further is not so much but go for 14 days. They went back to the ultrasound and said that the pregnant egg had sunk into the uterus but very slightly said to wait again. I do not know what to do.

It is not clear where all who promised to unsubscribe after the fact disappear. Very interesting!! Answer, please!
I have the same situation. I read everything on the Internet, it became scary from suspicion of ectopic, as the hCG is 2 times lower than the minimum. On Wednesday (3 days of delay) it showed 15 units, and today (4 days) it went down - 13. And today, early in the morning, pink, then bright red highlights began. They did an ultrasound, they didn't find anything, absolutely. Even ectopic. But the heart is very restless. Waist ache, stomach aches, stabs, cuts. Monthly though scarce, but are scarlet. I really hope for the easy outcome of the usual "broke" or "not fixed."
I will try to keep in the loop.

Hi, 1.5 weeks delay did yesterday, test one bright other is not very good, but tonight daub, what can it do)?

Hi Regina. And what's that? What does stomach ache?

I had a delay of 21 days; there were three positive tests, I made an appointment with the doctor, but the bleeding started, it passed 4 days when blood came, caused an ambulance to be suspected of a miscarriage, lay on a drip and, on tablets, then sent an ectopic on the ultrasound. the uterus did not find a fetus, they let me go home saying that it was a miscarriage. At home, for confidence, I did a test after 2 days and it is positive. There were no delays before the cycle of 21 days for the past 7 years. Pregnancy is welcome. I went to the doctor but only in two weeks. What is this pregnancy or not. Moreover, all the organs are healthy and have never been ill with gynecology before.

There was a delay made test positive. Proshol day and morning came monthly lasted 4 days. Maybe pregnancy?

Help, dear. And then all worn out. There was a delay of 10 days, although the cycle is always exactly 27 days. I did tests of different companies, at first there were light bands, then thick, fatty ones. We were very happy, because beybik was very desirable. And so began the monthly, but not strong, as usual. The stomach does not pull, does not hurt like during normal menstruation. In the morning I do a test //, basal 37.3. I'm going to the doctor, but I really scary. Did someone like that?

Good time! I read, the situations are very similar to mine, but no one then unsubscribed ((the situation is this: a delay of 13 days, tests are positive (5 pieces), you haven’t seen anything on the ultrasound, they told you to wait, you looked at the chair, it looked like Early pregnancy. We were already delighted, but did you have monthly periods on you or is it more correct to say bleeding? So far, so, I will try to write the outcome, because when the situation is not clear you are looking for answers anywhere and you hope.

Help, dear. And then all worn out. There was a delay of 10 days, although the cycle is always exactly 27 days. I did tests of different companies, at first there were light bands, then thick, fatty ones. We were very happy, because beybik was very desirable. And so began the monthly, but not strong, as usual. The stomach does not pull, does not hurt like during normal menstruation. In the morning I do a test //, basal 37.3. I'm going to the doctor, but I really scary. Did someone like that?

Hello) I have this situation: the monthly began 2 weeks earlier. There was nothing unusual, just my stomach and chest ached. On the fifth day of menstruation, I did a test, he showed // (evi test), I made two more, showed / (frau test). On the sixth of July, she did an ultrasound (there was cystitis), the doctor said that everything was fine. what could it be ? Who was it.

Hello everyone. I also had the same situation. Monthly should have been on August 11th all tests are positive (12pcs) I was confident that the pregnancy was not shown. I didn’t show anything today, on August 23rd I didn’t think what I wanted. baby

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1 First signals about pregnancy

It is believed that the most successful method to determine the presence of pregnancy from the first days is to measure the basal temperature. But such measurements need to be carried out not one menstrual cycle, but several. Only in this way can a woman understand the indications of the schedule and establish the fact of a successful conception. Therefore, this method is available only to those who began to prepare for such an important process as carrying a child, long before the onset of pregnancy. In other cases, a woman should buy a pharmacy test. Nowadays, manufacturers offer options that give correct readings even at 1 week delay.

However, there are other ways to determine conception. Popular methods are often very accurate. First of all it concerns changes in hormonal levels. A woman can identify such a phenomenon by such signs as sudden changes in mood, while aggression and the inability to control her emotions often frighten not only those around her, but also the woman herself. As a rule, before the onset of menstruation, something similar is noted, but at the beginning of pregnancy the symptom is expressed much brighter.

2 Can menstruation occur while carrying a child?

Ideally, after successful conception and before the end of breastfeeding, if it lasts less than six months, the period should not go. However, experts do not exclude situations in which menstruation can go, and this will not be considered a pathology. A similar phenomenon can be observed only one menstrual cycle, and not two or more. A pregnant woman who has seen blood, which should not be, is obliged to observe one important rule - do not panic. Excessive anxiety can play a cruel joke and lead to complications even if they were not there initially. Therefore, with the appearance of suspicious secretions with a positive test, you should not panic. You need to quietly go to the doctor and be examined. Only in this case it is possible to establish the true cause of what is happening.

Is it possible to conduct a pregnancy test during menstruation? Such a question worries many women. The absence of regular menstruation, which has not come on time, is a sign that the woman has become pregnant. Then she gets a pregnancy test to test her guess. Но случается и так, что месячные начинаются в срок, хотя девушка могла предполагать наступление беременности.

1 Суть вопроса

Заниматься подобной самодиагностикой во время месячных можно, поскольку они не влияют на результат и правдивость. A pregnancy test indicates a hormone of chorionic gonadotropin, the content of which increases in a person’s blood and then manifests in urine. There, the amount of this substance also begins to grow, so it is possible to apply a pregnancy test during menstruation, the results will show the true state of the woman.

The longer the period of pregnancy, the more accurate the result will be. It is necessary to take into account the fact that pharmacy tests have different sensitivities; therefore, conducting such testing at home often requires a repeated procedure. This should be done if a woman is confident of conception, but the result is negative. But you can get other data:

This is influenced by the following factors:

  1. The analysis was performed in violation of the conditions of sterility.
  2. Incorrectly met conditions for the study.
  3. Inflammation of the genitourinary system.
  4. Conception, which was interrupted in the early stages.

A woman may not even suspect that a conception has occurred. Therefore, abundant menstruation will be perceived as the norm. And if a spontaneous miscarriage occurs, it means that the body rejects material with pathologies and abnormalities.

To confuse the onset of conception with the ICP is easy, due to various factors. The main role in this will be played by the desire of a woman to become a mother, so the body begins to show certain signs. These may be the following physical and emotional manifestations:

  1. Chest swells.
  2. Increases the sensitivity of the skin.
  3. Vomiting, sometimes vomiting.
  4. Mood is changing.
  5. Unreasonable headache.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. Fast fatiguability.
  8. Feeling broken.
  9. Changes in gastronomic preferences.

Can a girl do a pregnancy test during her period? What data can be obtained with it? Why do such tests? These questions are faced by girls and women who are not yet ready for the birth of a child or, on the contrary, are waiting so strongly for the heir that even during their monthly periods they hope for a positive outcome of the test.

Conducting a pregnancy test - a common way to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy

So, the answer to the main question: a pregnancy test can be done at any time. In the afternoon, in the evening, during menstruation or not. Another thing is its effectiveness. Experts say that even the monthly can not be an obstacle in order to identify the pregnancy, but only if the test is of sufficient quality, sensitive to minor changes.

The main indicator to which the strips react is the level of hCG in the woman’s body. At conception, it rises first in the blood, then in the urine. If you suspect that you could become pregnant, and the test shows a negative result, you should not trust him immediately. To be sure, repeat it in a few days.

False results

A test done during the month may show incorrect results. It often happens that it is negative, and then it is discovered that the girl is pregnant. This means that not enough time has elapsed for the level of hCG in the body to rise in the urine to such a point that a test will react to it.

The home study is not informative enough, as it may give incorrect results. The main reasons for obtaining false indicators:

  • urinary tract diseases
  • pathology of the reproductive organs,
  • violation of the rules of the study,
  • a very early test
  • spontaneous abortion in the early stages,
  • taking abortive contraceptives after conception.

In any case, you cannot do only one test and trust it, no matter whether it is positive or negative. He can show false results, so a more reliable way to check if there was conception is blood donation and a visit to the gynecologist's office.

How to distinguish PMS from pregnancy

Premenstrual syndrome and pregnancy - is it even possible to confuse them? Yes, and this happens quite often, as the signs of the beginning of a beautiful period in the life of a girl and PMS are very similar to each other. That is why many of them, especially those who are strongly waiting for the heir, decide to do their homework during menstruation, hoping for a positive result. In patients who decide to artificial insemination, the feeling of pregnancy can occur on an emotional background. A negative result becomes a very big disappointment for them. These are the symptoms that cause this confusion:

  • the chest may grow and grow in size
  • the mammary glands become sensitive if touched, pain arises,
  • frequent mood swings
  • causeless alarm,
  • headache, feeling weak and tired,
  • drowsiness,
  • nausea may occur.

When a woman is already hoping for a pregnancy, and then the menstruation is suddenly going on, it is difficult to understand what is really happening. What do women do in the first place? Right, test. But the negative indicator is not final, should be done again with the help of a new strip, but after a few days. And it is even better to go to an appointment with a specialist, so as not to have vague doubts. If the pregnancy has occurred, he will definitely see it even during menstruation.

Monthly during pregnancy

You can encounter such a situation, when the monthly go, and the test is positive. What to do then? What does this mean? There is enough information in this regard, the opinions of specialists are rather contradictory. Some doctors say that menstruation, if they go when conception has already taken place, is a bad sign, indicating congenital abnormalities of the fetus. But this opinion is not one, therefore, an abortion is absolutely not recommended.

In the first two or three months of the beautiful position, you can notice bloody discharge from the vagina, which strongly resemble menstruation. They stand out exactly at the time when the calendar was supposed to be menstruation. This may indicate that the fetus has already attached to the uterus. You can understand whether a woman is pregnant or not with a test. If it is negative, then it is still menstrual, if it is positive, and the discharge is not too abundant, we can assume that pregnancy has occurred.

In the first months of pregnancy may be bloody

Every girl can do the test during menstruation, but in some cases it may not be sufficiently informative. If the test is negative, maybe you just did it at a very early date. If positive, there may be other reasons why the hCG level has increased. For an accurate result, you should consult with a gynecologist.