Glycerin borax - a cheap remedy for treating thrush


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For many years, unsuccessfully struggling with the dairy?

The head of the Institute: “You will be amazed how easy it is to cure a thrush by taking each day.

Sodium tetraborate is also called borax in glycerol - it is an antiseptic, and it is also a bacteriostatic drug. This medical product is of high quality and inexpensive. Sodium tetraborate helps to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria and at the same time stops their spread, therefore, the drug is actively used to treat thrush in women.

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Sodium tetraborate are crystals of boric acid, they are formed after combination with sodium hydroxide. Such a substance tends to dissolve almost completely not only in water, but also in glycerin.

Even in ancient times, glycerol borax was used in the treatment of diseases of the genital organs. Crystals mixed with glycerin have a high viscosity, they fall on the mucous membranes and linger there. A characteristic feature of this mixture is that it does not irritate the mucous. One hundred grams of the solution contains twenty grams of salt crystals. In medicine, use a 20% solution of sodium tetraborate.

The drug inhibits the growth of microorganisms and contributes to the disruption of the vital activity of some species of fungi, and also prevents them from attaching to the mucous membrane. This property has become widely used in the fight against thrush, as the drill helps to reduce the number of fungi Candida.

Before using the drug, be sure to read the instructions. This remedy is very toxic, so it should not be abused. Buru is best applied at the initial stage of thrush. When the disease is already running, the drug is used as a supplement to other medicines, which are prescribed by the doctor.

Sodium tetraborate is produced in dark bottles of 30 g or 50 g, as well as in the form of a powder (30 g).

How to apply

The instructions, which is attached to this medication, states that borax can be used by both males and females. As well as children, but only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

Before using the drug (30-40 minutes), hygiene procedures must be carried out. It is necessary to do douching with herbs that have an anti-inflammatory effect, the most common way is chamomile douching. You can wash and boiled water. The mixture is then applied to a cotton-gauze pad or gauze swab. It is dipped into the solution and gently inserted into the vagina. This treatment is effective for vaginal candidiasis.

Typically, the tampon is injected overnight. But there are cases when the discharge caused by thrush is strong enough, so you can perform the procedure twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The course of treatment with sodium tetraborate is up to seven days. If the symptoms of thrush disappear during this time, then there is no need to interrupt the treatment, you should complete it. If a woman discontinues treatment immediately after the first signs of improvement, Candida fungus can resume its growth and spread.

If this tool is used to treat urogenital candidiasis, you can do a douching solution with a solution or simply lubricate the affected areas. Women need to remember that this substance can only be used on the mucous membranes during thrush, which are not damaged.


When sodium tetraborate is used improperly during thrush, diseases such as anemia, diarrhea can occur, liver malfunction may occur, general weakness and malaise may occur, as well as failure in the menstrual cycle.

This drug is not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating women, as it is very toxic. As a result of its accumulation, it is possible for a toxic substance to enter the placenta and breast milk.

Do not use borax and with individual intolerance to the drug. If a woman has damaged skin, then this tool can not be treated.

Possible side effects

If the drug is used correctly, it does not cause any side effects. If the recommendations are violated, then a burning sensation will appear, the skin may redden, swelling, dermatitis or weakness will appear.

If the side effects are very pronounced, then you should immediately stop using the drug, wash the skin and look for alternative treatment.

In women who have previously experienced high sensitivity to the components of the drug, new contact with the brown is undesirable. Often, an overdose of the drug can cause vomiting and diarrhea, as well as provoke various irritations on sensitive skin.

Sodium tetraborate needs to be taken only locally, but not inside. Keep it in a dark place away from children. Never use the drug after the expiration date. During the entire period of treatment it is necessary to eliminate the use of alcohol, because it only multiplies the toxic effect.

  • sodium tetraborate has a very high level of toxicity, so you need to comply with the specified dosage,
  • It has an irritating effect on the vaginal mucosa, so there may be a burning sensation and hyperemia develops,
  • allergic reactions are possible, so after the first use it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the woman,
  • the drug requires regular use, the course can not be interrupted, otherwise there will be no effect of the treatment,
  • contraindicated nursing and pregnant.

But there are advantages to the drug:

  • facility is available
  • acceptable price,
  • not addictive,
  • not develop resistance to the components of the drug.

Sodium tetraborate is an effective remedy that helps women eliminate thrush. Their reviews are mostly always only positive about this drug. The treatment process is quite simple, it can be used by women of any age, and it is inexpensive. But it should be remembered that you only need to apply borax according to the instructions, namely, to adhere to the indicated dosage and to monitor your health during the treatment process. If any problems arise during the treatment, you should immediately consult a specialist.

Borax in glycerin

It is known that candidiasis of the vagina is caused by fungal flora, which multiplies on the mucous membrane and leads to disruption of its metabolism and blood supply. Most often in the vagina are also present in combination and other pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to use a treatment that has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial action.

Borax in glycerol for thrush has been used as an antiseptic. The pharmacological name of this product is 20% sodium tetraborate solution on a glycerol basis.

It is used actively for the treatment of infectious lesions not only in gynecology, but also in cosmetology, dermatology and other branches of medicine.

Therapeutic effect

Glycerin with brown when thrush is effective in that it has the ability to destroy fungal overlays and mycelium from the vagina, thereby it inhibits the vital activity of fungal cells, disrupts their habitual vital activity. Sodium tetraborate does not have a direct toxic effect on the Candida fungi, therefore it is not classified as fungicidal and fungistatic drugs.

It should be understood that treatment with thrush brown in glycerin will not always give successful results, because Mostly the agent has an antiseptic effect in the vaginal cavity, and not purposefully destroys the cause of the disease.

This pharmacological drug is also used for the purpose of disinsection, that is, in the fight against insects (cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, etc.).

Applications and Recipes

You can use the tool in different ways, it all depends on your wishes or prescription of the attending physician.

Mainly used external local lubrication and by douching. Borax for thrush is used for a particular course of treatment, the duration of which depends on the severity of the disease, the presence of comorbidities from the organs of the reproductive system. In general, the procedures are carried out with a light course of the disease once a day under the control of secretions and symptomatic manifestations. But if you use the remedy as a fight against chronic vaginal candidiasis, then the frequency of administration should be increased to 2-3 times per day. The course of application for severe course is determined only by a specialist, that is, a gynecologist.

Initially, before the start of all procedures, it is worthwhile to carry out hygienic washing of the vaginal mucosa. Only after that you syringe carefully and carefully, because If sprinkled several times, there will be no effect. On average, the procedure takes 15-20 minutes.

If it is more convenient for you to lubricate the affected areas, in this case, only after pre-cleansing the mucous membrane, wind a bandage on the ear stick or finger, moisten it with a solution and treat the affected area.

Oral candidiasis. Main causes, symptoms and treatment

Candidosis of the oral cavity, or thrush, as well as candidiasis of the genital organs, is caused by fungi of the genus Candida. Up to 75% of all cases of oral candidiasis are caused by C.albicans. It is most studied, drugs are being developed against it.

Slightly less frequently in laboratory diagnostics other pathogens of thrush, C.glabrata, C.tropicalis, are detected in the analyzes. Oral candidosis is a fungal infection of the oral mucosa with the development of classic symptoms - itching, burning, and cheesy plaque.

Forms of the disease

According to statistics, the disease often develops in infants, which is associated with the immaturity of their immune system. Approximately 20% of infants suffer at least one episode of thrush in the mouth.

In adults of reproductive age, thrush in the tongue appears only with a strong decrease in immunity, against the background of diabetes mellitus, with HIV infection, with the use of strong antibiotics with long courses. High likelihood of developing candidiasis in heavy smokers.

Thrush tongue has three forms of flow:

  • pseudomembranous - cheesy, slightly elevated raids on the tongue, palate, inner cheek, which are easily removed with a spatula or bandage,
  • erythematous form - most often precedes pseudomembranous and represents the appearance of large areas of redness on the tongue and oral mucosa,
  • chronic form or hyperplastic candidiasis, it is characterized by the presence of cheesy raids, which is removed with difficulty, leaving behind extensive bleeding areas,
  • angular stomatitis - manifested in the form of multiple ulcers on the gums, the mucous membrane of the cheeks, there are "jammed" (poorly healing cracks) in the corners of the mouth.

Causes of candidiasis

The causative agent of candidiasis is considered conditionally pathogenic flora, and lives on the skin and mucous membranes of most people, however, the reproduction of the pathogen, the formation of colonies and the appearance of clinical manifestations occurs only under certain conditions.

If we talk about severe manifestations, then a marked reduction in the body's defenses, severe stress, and chronic fatigue are necessary. To activate a pathogen, one or a combination of several of the following factors is sometimes enough:

  • immunodeficiency states, or weakening of the immune system against the background of co-infections and stress,
  • pregnancy and lactation, which is directly related to changes in hormonal levels, a natural decrease in immunity and changes in metabolism,
  • dentures in the mouth,
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and adrenal glands, diabetes mellitus, HIV infection,
  • injuries of the oral mucosa,
  • taking medications that suppress immunity (corticosteroid hormones, cytostatics),
  • hormonal contraception, the higher the estrogen component, the higher the risk of developing candidiasis,
  • taking antibiotics, which inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, "free" the breeding ground for fungi,
  • smoking, alcohol abuse, drug addiction,
  • improper nutrition, it would seem that any food and medicine are currently available, but even now there is a problem with the lack of iron, B vitamins, and even vitamin C.

How does thrush appear in the tongue?

Depending on the general condition of the body, the presence of concomitant diseases, the age of the patient, oral candidiasis can manifest itself in completely different ways. By oral thrush means acute pseudomembranous candidiasis. This is the most common form of thrush. But as mentioned above, there are several other forms - erythematous, chronic.

For the treatment of thrush, our readers successfully use Candiston. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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The most common form is characterized by the defeat of large areas of the mucous membrane (cheeks, tongue, palate, gums). In the early stages, patients complain of pain aggravated by eating, swelling. On examination, you can detect areas of hyperemia (redness).

As the process progresses, the hyperemic areas are covered with white patches that resemble curd milk or curd. At the beginning of the process, the plaque can be easily removed with a bandage or with a spatula, however, as the disease progresses, the plaque becomes more dense, fixes well to the tissues, and when trying to remove it, bleeding areas are exposed.

Acute erythematous form is manifested by severe pain, burning, dryness of mucous membranes. Oral mucosa acquires a fiery red color.

There is no plaque in this form, or it appears only in deep folds, is removed hard, leaves bleeding areas after removal.

Chronic hyperplastic candidiasis of the oral cavity is manifested by the following clinical symptoms:

  1. Burning.
  2. Dry mucous membrane.
  3. Hard-to-remove plaque in the form of plaques and nodules. In the absence of qualified assistance, the plaque is impregnated with fibrin threads, takes the form of gray-yellow films, and can cover fairly large areas. With the appearance of erosion and ulceration of the mucous joins a pronounced pain, especially when eating hot, spicy, acidic foods.

Chronic atrophic candidiasis is most common in dental prosthesis carriers. Burning and itching occur at the site of contact of the prosthesis with the mucous membrane, and there is swelling and hyperemia of the tissues at the border of the prosthetic bed.

Most often, fungi actively multiply on the mucous membrane of the cheeks and tongue. The first manifestations of thrush on the tongue - redness and restless behavior of the child during feeding. There can be no classic raids on children at once, which makes it difficult to establish a diagnosis in time.

With the progression of the disease on the mucous membrane appears bloom in the form of small grains, which gradually merge and take the form of curdled milk. The raid can be easily removed, a brightly hyperemic area remains under it, sometimes with droplets of blood.

If untreated, the process can spread to the entire mucous membrane, affect the deep layers of the epithelium, lead to the formation of ulcers and erosion. The behavior of the child changes, he becomes restless, refuses breast or nipples, cries while feeding, sleep and even general condition may be disturbed.

Diagnosis of oral candidiasis

If symptoms of thrush occur in the mouth, in addition to standard smears, the doctor may prescribe additional laboratory tests.

To establish the diagnosis, in fact, in most cases, patient complaints and the clinical picture are sufficient. The diagnosis is confirmed by scraping - it reveals filaments of the fungus, pseudomycelium.

All other tests are assigned for the purpose of differential diagnosis and clarification of the causes. Since the thrush itself rarely occurs by itself, an additional complete blood count, blood for sugar, blood for viral hepatitis, HIV infection, and biochemical analysis may be prescribed, and for persistent flow, an immunogram, culture for flora, and drug sensitivity may be necessary.

Treatments for candidiasis

Treatment of oral candidiasis by and large does not differ in any way from the treatment of fungal infections of any other location.

Of course, applying cream and ointment to the mucous membrane in the presence of thrush on the tongue is not very convenient, but irrigation with medicinal solutions and taking antifungal drugs orally is a standard approach.

It is best to begin treatment with a visit to the dentist. A specialist, after examining and taking smears, will be able not only to establish the diagnosis reliably, but also prescribe the correct treatment.

Locally, the mucosa can be treated with one of the following solutions:

  • Baking soda - is prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon per cup of warm water,
  • 0,25% solution of borax in glycerin - prepared in a pharmacy,
  • 1-2% solution of tannin,
  • 0.25% - 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide,
  • Chlorophyllipt solution,
  • pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.

Processing should be done 30-40 minutes before a meal, and immediately after a meal. Course duration - no more than 5 days.

To speed up the process of recovery, physiotherapy is added to the treatment regimen - laser therapy, ultraviolet irradiation, electrophoresis with local antiseptics.

Traditional methods of treatment of oral candidiasis

Treatment of oral candidiasis with traditional methods should be combined with traditional methods of treatment.

Of the popular methods, the beloved soda, mentioned above, infusions of calendula, St. John's wort, oak bark, and birch buds has become widespread.

Treatment of oral candidiasis can not be effective, without complying with the rules of personal hygiene and the revision of the diet.

Disease prevention

To reduce the likelihood of candidiasis in the mouth, as well as preventing relapse, especially in children, it is often enough to follow a number of simple rules:

  1. Daily oral hygiene, dentists strongly recommend using not only toothpaste and brush, but also dental floss (floss). When carrying out hygiene, clean the teeth, tongue and cheeks from the summer, while using the thread - hard-to-reach areas.
  2. The use of dental rinses is allowed, but without abuse, because they can disturb the balance of microflora in the mouth,
  3. Preventive visit to the dentist at least twice a year, and in the presence of dentures and serious diseases (diabetes mellitus), more often,
  4. Limit the consumption of foods that promote the growth of yeast microflora - sweet, flour,
  5. If possible, give up smoking,
  6. Monitor the state of the immune system, periodically take vitamin and mineral complexes, resort to tempering procedures.

To prevent the development of thrush in children, especially premature and weakened, it is recommended to give a spoonful of warm boiled water every time after feeding, to regularly examine the oral mucosa in order to take timely measures at the first symptoms of thrush.

Mom, for the prevention of thrush in a baby, it is recommended to carefully monitor the nipples - regularly wash the gland with warm water without soap, leave the nipple for a couple of minutes on the air after feeding, treat nipple cracks in a timely manner, and of course, when vulvovaginal candidiasis appears, treat it promptly, and follow good hygiene practices to prevent transmission to the child.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition is a compound of sodium (16%), boron (37%) and water (47%), and together this is the sodium salt of boric acid. The compound is the most used boron used in industry, in medicine.

It is contained in minerals in the form of various forms - borax contains compound decahydrate, and kernite contains tetrahydrate. Pure substance is obtained by chemical reactions, its solution with glycerin in medicine is used for the treatment of infectious diseases.

For better penetration of the substance into the skin in medicine, the main component is used in combination with glycerol. The pharmacy sells 20% glycerin borax.

The chemical compound has antifungal and antibacterial action. The main scope of its use is infectious diseases. The compound can not be taken orally, they only process the surface of the skin and mucous membranes. Doctors prescribe it exclusively for external treatment with the defeat of bacteria and fungi. Indications for appointment are:

  • fungal or bacterial lesion of the genitals - vulva, vagina, perineum, glans and foreskin,
  • stomatitis in the mouth of different origin (fungal, atrophic, bacterial),
  • inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract,
  • purulent and fungal skin lesions,
  • bedsores and prophylaxis.

Liquid is used actively in the fight against gynecological, otolaryngological, urological, dermatological diseases, and dental pathologies.

Instructions for use of borax with glycerin from thrush

Before use, it is recommended that you read the accompanying documents.

If borax is prescribed in glycerin, the instructions for use, enclosed in the package, must be necessarily studied by the patients so that there are no complications from the misuse of the medication.

For women

Borax from thrush is actively used for vaginal dysbiosis in female patients. Procedures are quite effective, moreover, they can be done at home, which facilitates the fight against fungi in women.

Before applying, gynecologists recommend douching the vagina and perineum with plain warm water or an infusion of herbs with an anti-inflammatory effect. Then a swab of gauze soaked in liquid is inserted into the vagina. The tampon is left for half an hour, then it is taken out, but no further processing of the genitalia is performed so that the medicine continues the action. When the symptoms of vaginal dysbiosis are pronounced, tamponade is performed twice a day, but if itching and burning are tolerable, and the vaginal discharges are not abundant, sufficient installation of the tampon once a day. Twice use of the substance, if the disease has become chronic. Treatment is carried out from 7 to 10 days.

In patients with fungal mycelium is able to penetrate the mucous membranes of the vagina and hide there. It is not always the case that fluid will favorably affect if the fungus infects crypts. In order to ascertain the result, it is recommended to carefully monitor the symptoms after use and, if there is a relapse, repeat the course of therapy.

For men

Men also suffer from candidiasis, but the symptoms of the disease are significantly less pronounced, with an exacerbation of the pathology, local treatment of the external genital organs is prescribed.

In men, applications are shown directly on the affected area. It is very simple to make them - a kind of applicator is made of gauze in several layers, which is soaked in a liquid and wrap the lesions of the penis locally with a fungal infection. Note that in order to achieve the best effect, a tight fit of a gauze bandage is recommended - the active substance violates the attachment of fungi to the mucous membrane. It is highly desirable to remove the dense white bloom that forms on the head of the penis and foreskin. If there are no negative feelings after application of the application, gauze is left for 30-45 minutes.

Treatment of childhood candidiasis

If a newborn is sick with a fungal or bacterial infection, borax can be used even in the smallest of patients. Most often, crumbs suffer from stomatitis, but it affects not only the oral mucosa, but in severe cases it is also diagnosed on the genitals of the child. To eliminate the infection and to establish the possibility of full feeding, which becomes impossible in the presence of painful rash in the mouth, shows local treatment of the affected surface.

Apply it to kids 3-4 times a day. The oral cavity of the child is carefully and gently lubricated so that more fluid falls on the affected area of ​​the mucous membrane. Usually, the positive dynamics is observed on the third day - the baby feels much better, becomes not so whiny, and is in contact with others. It becomes easier for him to swallow, pain in the mouth is reduced, white films come off. Pediatricians recommend that after the disappearance of the visual symptoms of the disease a few more days to continue lubrication, so that the infection does not recur again.

When used in children, it is necessary to be extremely careful due to the high toxicity. You should not overly treat the mucous membrane, you also need to ensure that the liquid does not get inside. Because of this, the drill for thrush in infants is not always assigned, but with proper treatment of the affected surface should not be afraid - it will not have a negative impact. An allergic reaction to the drug in the form of a rash occurs rarely, and even then with individual intolerance to the components. It is important to monitor the reaction of the crumbs and contact the clinic if unexpected complications appear.

Side effects and contraindications

Like many other drugs, borax has side effects. There is a drug and contraindications. Usually a negative reaction manifests itself as local irritation at the site of application.

Redness may occur on the skin, itching and burning are felt. In patients with a weakened immune system, the drug can cause a convulsive reaction. It is necessary to take into account the accumulation in the liver and bone tissue, so it can not be used for longer than the recommended time.

Can I use bora during pregnancy?

Studies of the action in women during gestation showed that mucous membranes are absorbed in small quantities, respectively, is not able to penetrate in large quantities into the blood and harm the development of the child.

You can talk about the deposit after a long use, which is not observed in pregnant women. Therefore, local treatment of genital organs is not prohibited and the liquid can be used during pregnancy, carefully watching for the possible development of an allergic reaction to the components of the medication.

The use of borax in glycerin for thrush in women in a position is prohibited only if expectant mothers suffer from cervical erosion, or have cracks in the vaginal mucosa.

The possibility of therapy during menstruation

Applications during menstruation are not prescribed due to their ineffectiveness. Nevertheless, women suffering from exacerbations of the disease amid hormonal failure during critical days were recommended to perform tamponade three days before the expected menstruation and another three days after them. So you need to do for three cycles to eliminate the signs of the disease completely!

Price and where to buy?

Difficulties with the acquisition may indeed arise, because the substance is not as popular as suppositories, in the advertising of which pharmaceutical companies invest a lot of money.

The drug is bought in ordinary pharmacies, perhaps some pharmacies can make it to order. Most often acquire it in online pharmacies. The price of a 30 ml bottle is 10-20 rubles.

Reviews on the use of borax for thrush

Despite the fact that it is rarely used a borax against thrush, reviews of such treatment is extremely positive. Most of the patients who applied it were satisfied with the result: effectively, and most importantly - not expensive.

Elena, 27 years old, Krasnoyarsk: “I treated the brown thrush of the baby, the solution helped, but it was hard to apply it, Andryushka shouted and did not want to lubricate the mouth. Despite all his protests, I managed to process the mucous and two days later there was no trace of white residue. I recommend those who like to save. "

Artem, 29, Moscow: “Candida balanoposthitis has worsened recently, a dermatovenerologist says sexually transmitted fungi. Advised sodium tetraborate. Of course, I had little faith in him, but it helped me. Now, just in case, I will keep the bottle at home. The main thing that costs a penny.

Olga, 54 years old, Saransk: “I never thought that candidiasis at that age would pester me, but in the period of menopause my friends also had it. Once upon a time I used the brown. I decided to buy it now. Of course, it was difficult to find, my daughter helped, I bought it on the Internet. But the disease has passed without any expensive candles. "

What is sodium tetraborate

Glycerin borax or sodium tetraborate is a bacteriostatic and antiseptic agent that effectively removes and inhibits the growth of a fungus. This preparation is produced in the form of a powder or solution for local use. The active ingredient of the drug has antimicrobial and antiparasitic effects. The composition of the anhydrous drug is enriched with glycerin, which optimizes the ingress of the main substance on the skin and mucous membranes.

Sodium tetraborate (sodium tetraborate). The Latin name of the substance is Natrii tetraborati, derived from boric acid. Drug formulation of the drug Na2B4O7 - is a compound of boron and salts of the acid. As an antimicrobial agent, tetraborate is often included in the composition of drugs used to relieve inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Pharmacodynamics: the substance benefits only when applied to damaged skin and mucous membranes. Through them, it is absorbed by the digestive tract and then excreted through the kidneys and intestines.

Borax is produced, usually in the form of a powder or solution, which contains 20% of the active substance. The composition of the product includes the main substance sodium tetraborate and an auxiliary component - glycerin. Borax crystals do not dissolve in alcohol, so the substance must be diluted with water or buy a ready-made solution in glycerol. This viscous liquid is a good solvent for inorganic compounds, so it is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. The tetraborate may be sold in the form of an aqueous solution of 10 and 20 percent concentration.

Borax solution is an antiseptic that is used in the perfumery, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. The active formula means aimed at the elimination of pathogenic microflora in the mouth, vagina, respiratory tract. The drug is used in the form of gargles, inhalations, applications and lotions. Pharmacokinetics. Sodium tetraborate:

  • helps to remove the mycelium of the fungus,
  • has antiseptic and bacteriostatic effects,
  • prevents the attachment of fungi to the walls of the vagina and stops the process of their reproduction.

Indications for use

According to the instructions tetraborate can be used for lesions of the mucous membranes of the pharynx, mouth, genital organs, urinary and upper respiratory tract caused by candidiasis. Effective solution of a substance of 20% for the disinfection of diaper rash and bedsores. Being a disinfectant and antiseptic, borax is indicated for use in:

  • stomatitis,
  • pharyngitis,
  • cracks in the skin
  • tonsillitis,
  • damage to the urinary tract,
  • stomatitis in newborns,
  • skin fungus
  • gingivitis
  • periodontal disease,
  • pyorrhea
  • vaginal candidiasis.
  • kolpite.

When thrush

Borax preparation is widely used in gynecology, it effectively helps to eliminate candidiasis or thrush fungal nature. This requires a long contact of the substance with the mucous. You can not self-medicate, therapy should be carried out by medical personnel. The method of use of the substance is carried out in the following sequence:

  • you must first treat the mucous with herbal tinctures (oak bark, chamomile) or boiled water,
  • further in the vagina for half an hour should introduce a bandage tampon soaked in brown on glycerin,
  • after a single use, the patient is relieved,
  • for complete elimination of thrush requires several sessions.

With stomatitis

The most popular disease in infants is stomatitis. This disease is formed due to the proliferation of yeast-like fungi. The disease is characterized by white bloom on the mucous membrane of the mouth. Often, adult men and women suffer from stomatitis. The dosage for each age should be determined only by the attending physician. As a rule, sodium tetraborate solution for stomatitis is used as follows:

  • First, remove the crusts on the sores with medicinal oils (rosehip, vitamin A, sea buckthorn),
  • the affected surface is then treated with a gauze pad soaked in solution,
  • then you need to point the drug effect on each sore.

With tonsillitis

A doctor may prescribe sodium tetraborate for pregnant women and children with tonsillitis. According to the instructions, you need a cotton swab dipped in a solution to process the tonsils 5 times a day. This treatment should be continued for a week. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to add a tablespoon of iodized salt and a few drops of borax into a glass of warm water, mix everything well. This tool perfectly relieves pain and redness of the throat, prevents the growth of microbes and removes pus formation.

Symptoms of the disease

Thrush is a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the genital organs. Candida fungus is part of the microflora of the reproductive system, and under normal conditions does not show its pathogenic properties. Thrush can occur with the following changes in environmental conditions:

  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • weakening of the immune system
  • hormonal changes associated with taking contraceptives,
  • pregnancy,
  • genitourinary problems
  • lack of nutrition, deprived of most vitamins.

Features of the disease are in the explicit expression of symptoms. The main manifestation of the disease are itching, burning in the genital area, copious mucus, pain during urination and sexual intercourse. The final diagnosis of the disease is carried out after a gynecological examination and bacteriological examinations.

The danger of thrush is associated with possible damage to the entire urogenital system. With the further spread of fungal infection in the body, serious consequences are possible.These negative changes include infection of other channels of the reproductive system, infection of the fetus during pregnancy, as well as a serious violation of the reproductive function of women.

Instructions for use of medication

This product is used exclusively for external use. The phrase “the more the better” does not work in the pharmacological action of drugs. When applying the drug to the affected areas, you must strictly follow the dosage prescribed by the doctor, otherwise you can cause serious damage to the body.

Borax in glycerin for thrush, like any other pharmacy name, contains instructions for use, which must be read. In addition to the classic rubbing of the medicine on the affected areas of the body, borax has many other methods of use. The method of medical tampons is also widespread - disposable tampons made of cotton wool perfectly feed the infected areas with therapeutic ointment.

A cotton-gauze pad soaked in a solution of buroglycerol is applied to the external genitals of the patient for 30 minutes. The recommended course of treatment is limited to 10 days. Often this method is combined with another therapy - candles for oral administration and creams. In the first days of treatment, it is recommended to apply the product in the morning and evening, and in the subsequent time - to reduce the daily dosage to one time.

Indications and contraindications for use

The universal nature of the impact of boroglycerol significantly expands the area of ​​its application. The tool is used not only for medical purposes, but also for domestic processing of premises from cockroaches, ticks and other pests. The most common case requiring the use of buroglycerol is vaginal candidiasis.

Also, borax in glycerol is recommended for use in the following treatment situations:

  • with candidal stomatitis,
  • for healing postoperative wounds,
  • when dentures,
  • under various diaper rash.

Concentrated chemical composition of boroglycerol can have an aggressive effect on the body. Unambiguous contraindications include the use of buroglycerol during pregnancy and lactation. Strong chemical effects of the drug can adversely affect the fetus or child.

The use of the drug by minors is also fraught with great risks. In adolescence, the hormonal background of boys and girls is in a state of regular change. Concentrated glycerin borax can have unpredictable effects on an unformed organism. Therefore, borax in glycerol for thrush in girls is excluded from the set of possible drugs.

The presence of cracks, wounds or burns in the area under consideration does not allow the use of buroglycerol. Aggressive chemical environment of the drug can cause rupture of the skin and heavy bleeding. Individual drug intolerance also vetoes its use as a treatment.

Features of use and side effects

Violation of the rules on the use of borax in glycerol for candidiasis and other diseases can lead to unpleasant consequences. Exceeding the universal dose can cause the following side effects:

  • excessive sweating,
  • abdominal pain,
  • allergic reactions
  • damage to the urinary tract,
  • dizziness,
  • skin rashes,
  • disruption of the circulatory system.

The use of a solution of borax and glycerin during pregnancy is considered a dubious event. Treatment of candidiasis during pregnancy should be carried out with extreme caution. Some doctors are inclined towards the fact that buroglycerol is extremely dangerous for pregnant and lactating mothers. Other experts do not consider the drug as forbidden, but recommend to use it under strict stationary control.

The period of childbearing is accompanied by great risks to the health of the mother and fetus, therefore, it is not recommended to use borax in glycerol in the format of home activities. Despite the fact that glycerin is minimally absorbed into the skin, its chemical effects in combination with brown in some situations is unpredictable. Supervision of doctors will help calculate the desired dosage of the drug, which does not harm the mother and child.

What is borax in glycerin?

The pharmacological name of this drug sounds like “sodium tetraborate solution”. As a rule, in pharmacies you can buy a 20% solution, but 5% and 10% solutions are also available. Sodium tetraborate is used to treat diseases such as stomatitis, thrush (candidiasis), tonsillitis, various fungal diseases and bedsores. Glycerin borax is also used for external treatment of the respiratory tract (upper) as part of the complex treatment of infectious diseases and as an effective antiseptic.

It is important to know that the solution of sodium tetraborate can be used exclusively as an external agent, and only in doses clearly indicated by the doctor. Self-administration of this drug or a change in dosage can not only negate the entire therapeutic effect of the use of borax in glycerin, but also cause significant damage to health.

How is sodium tetraborate applied?

In the treatment of thrush (vaginal candidiasis), as a rule, a course of treatment is prescribed for a period of three to seven days. Every day, it is necessary to conduct four times the treatment of the vagina and genitals with a solution of sodium tetraborate. If the manifestations of thrush are minor, it will be enough to double treatment. Independently reduce the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor, in no case can not avoid relapse of the disease.

The use of borax in glycerin for treating thrush in the vagina is combined with the use of decoctions of herbs such as chamomile, sage and calendula for douching. Also douching is often carried out with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. First, a douching procedure is performed, and then a cotton swab moistened with a solution of borax is introduced into the vagina for 15–30 minutes. At this time it is best to take a horizontal position. In the event of a burning or itching swab with the drug should be immediately removed and make 3-4 douching with warm boiled water.

For the treatment of oral thrush, as well as inflammation of the tonsils, rinsing with a solution of borax in glycerol is used. Preparing the solution as follows: in a glass of boiled water is added one tablespoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pharmaceutical borax in glycerin (20%). It is also possible to treat the oral cavity and tonsils with undiluted tetraborate solution with a cotton swab.

How effective is the drug?

The effectiveness of the use of borax solution in glycerin in the treatment of thrush depends largely on the stage of the disease. So, primary acute candidiasis is easily treatable and rarely gives relapses. What can not be said about the systematically occurring chronic exacerbations of the disease, for their treatment one borax will not be enough and you will need parallel use of antifungal drugs. The sale of the drug is made in pharmacies with a prescription prescribed by a doctor.

Despite its high efficiency and popular recognition, the drug has side effects: the appearance of erosions and cracks on the mucous membranes. If you continue to use the drug in the presence of such lesions, then hitting them, the borax has a strong toxic effect. Cases have been recorded when convulsions and tremors appeared in patients during treatment with this drug. extremities, developed anemia and menstrual disorders.