How to pass a smear on the flora to a woman: the conditions of preparation, the shelf life of the result


No one has a desire to visit a gynecologist to no avail or to do an analysis with obviously wrong indicators. Therefore, many women are interested in whether it is possible to take a smear during menstruation. The article is dedicated to the question, as well as information is discussed on the forums and directly at the doctor's office.

When you need to undergo a gynecological examination

Visiting a gynecologist, a woman undergoes the procedure in most cases. Examination is one of the main preventive measures needed to identify diseases with an unexpressed clinical picture.

An unscheduled procedure is needed if you suspect the pathology of the reproductive system and possible disruption of the body. The period suitable for additional analysis and whether it is possible to take a smear on the flora during menstruation is determined by the doctor. The reason for unscheduled analysis may be:

  1. Gestation time Requires repeated swabs. Analysis is necessary to eliminate the risk of improper development of the child in the womb due to diseases of the reproductive system. Inflammatory processes and infectious diseases can cause miscarriage.
  2. The unusual structure of the discharge. A change in color, density, unnatural odor requires an additional procedure for studying the flora.
    Pain or itching in the groin area. Often, discomfort is a symptom of the presence of pathogenic cells and bacteria in the body.
  3. Disruption of the menstrual cycle, acute pain during critical days. In this case, besides the smear, the gynecologist prescribes an ultrasound scan and a laboratory blood test.
  4. Desire to get pregnant. Before proceeding to conception, the patient needs to get rid of all diseases of the reproductive system in order to eliminate the slightest risks during fetal development.
  5. A long course of drug therapy or the use of tablets against conception. A side effect of some drugs is a disruption in the female reproductive apparatus. At the end of treatment with pharmaceutical preparations, it is necessary to check the state of the flora.
  6. Change of sexual partner. The change requires additional research on women's health.

The study smear with monthly

During menstruation, taking an analysis and examining it correctly is very difficult. That is why it is better to postpone the procedure until the end of the critical days, if possible.

There are a number of factors that make a gynecological smear from mucous during menstruation more difficult:

  1. Additional difficulties during preparation. Before the procedure, it is not necessary to wash. The use of intimate hygiene gels and other means is generally prohibited. With monthly follow this rule is difficult. Some women suffer from painful critical days. Sometimes the spasms are so strong that you have to remove the pain syndrome with the help of painkillers, which also distort the indicators.
  2. Problems in the process of the procedure itself. The spotting prevents the doctor from inspecting the test site. For the same reason, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to take a smear before menstruation is negative in most cases. But, there are situations in which fast critical days play into the hands. The increased level of secretion before menstruation in such cases allows to study the microflora more thoroughly.
  3. Distortion analysis results. If the month is heavy, blood particles will fall into the material. As a result, the testimony of laboratory studies will be far from the truth.

In what cases with monthly take a smear

A smear during menstruation can be taken when the analysis should be carried out as a matter of urgency. There are situations in which minor deviations from the truth do not play a role, and it is dangerous for the patient to postpone the procedure.

The main thing is to follow a set of rules for preparing for the examination during menstruation:

  1. Skip the washout before conducting the study.
  2. Check the availability of a diaper so as not to stain the chair.
  3. Do not forget about the standard preparation for smear.

The most favorable period for taking a smear

When is it best to take a smear before menstruation or after, if there is no need to rush into the procedure? Experts say that the best period for the fence includes the second and third days after the end of the critical days. This decision was made under the influence of several factors:

  1. The amount of natural discharge at this point is minimal and the value of the research will be accurate.
  2. The protective functions of the body have not yet fully earned, because it is much easier to determine the state of the microflora.

It is also important to come to the inspection without any pathologies of a non-gynecological nature. Other diseases adversely affect the state of the flora and prevent the identification of diseases of the reproductive system.

How to prepare for the examination

The patient needs to know in advance exactly where the smear is taken for analysis. The preparation rules are slightly different if you examine the vagina, cervical passage or urethra. You should also find out about the urgency of the study and whether it is possible to take a smear on the last day of the month if you need to know the result as soon as possible. The answer to this question will give the attending gynecologist.

The following are general rules for preparing for microflora research:

  1. You can wash before the analysis in the evening. Morning procedure will have to skip. The means to maintain cleanliness can adversely affect the accuracy of the study.
  2. To carry out the depilation of the groin area in advance, so as not to remove the hair immediately before smear.
  3. Do not use daily on the day of the procedure.
  4. Exclude sexual intercourse for two days before laboratory testing.
  5. When analyzing secretions from the urethra, do not go to the toilet for an hour before smear.
  6. Do not use any medication for 10 days before the examination. When the refusal of medication is not possible, warn the gynecologist in advance.

Sometimes a doctor may prescribe a disease provocation with food. Alcoholic drinks, smoked and salty foods cause infections that are present in the body to intensify and manifest themselves during the delivery of the material and the study of flora. Gonorrhea screening is often performed with a special vaccine used the day before the test.

Every woman and girl should visit the gynecologist once a year or six months. Examination is a preventive measure and helps prevent the development of pathologies of the cervix and other reproductive organs. Analysis of microflora helps to preserve women's health, the ability to conceive and give birth to a child.
Your doctor will tell you how many days after your period you can take a smear and if there is an urgent need to be examined during critical days.

Purpose of the analysis

Regular delivery of smear to flora contributes to the early diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases.

Smearing is carried out at each reception of the gynecologist. The procedure is absolutely painless.. But its benefit is difficult to overestimate.

It is especially important to take a smear in the following cases:

  • if you experience unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning, changes in discharge),
  • hormone-based medication,
  • pregnancy or lactation,
  • control as part of the treatment process
  • preparation for diagnostic procedures or operations.
  • Bad smear results indicate the presence of the disease. During some procedures, their presence is highly undesirable.

    For example, in the process of testing the fallopian tubes, the contrast solution is able to spread the infection throughout the pelvic area. This will complicate the course of the disease.

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    When to take

    The time at which a smear is given depends on its purpose. If the material is taken for prophylactic purposes, then smear is better to take in the period from 10 to 20 day of the cycle.

    A woman with a long cycle time is allowed to take an analysis at a later time.

    The last surrender is necessary in order to exclude the likelihood of infection of the child by the infection in the process of its progress through the birth canal.

    On the eve of the material before taking not recommended to have sex. This may affect the accuracy of the result.

    Also Do not use various household products to cleanse. Some of them can affect the composition of the microflora of the vagina.

    Preparation for delivery

    Proper preparation for delivery of a smear on the flora of women provides the most accurate analysis results. It should be remembered that the analysis should be carried out on certain days of the cycle.

    How to prepare for smear on flora? To begin with, please note that from the last day of menstruation must be at least three days. Otherwise, blood cells will get into the material, which significantly distorts the final result.

    How to prepare for the delivery of smear on the flora? Preparation for analysis requires the following principles:

  • the day before you should refrain from sexual intimacy - smear flora after sex may distort the results,
  • It is forbidden to use cleansing agents that can affect the state of microflora,
  • two days prior to blood sampling, it is necessary to abandon the use of drugs used by the method of vaginal injection,
  • two weeks before the analysis, you must stop taking antibiotics and any anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Immediately before visiting the gynecologist's office and before taking a smear for flora, you should not visit the toiletit is not necessary to carry out any hygienic procedures.

    In some cases, retesting is required. There is a possibility that the result will be erroneous. This is especially true of those cases in which the rules of smear delivery for flora are violated.

    Material sampling algorithm

    The smear procedure does not cause the woman significant discomfort. It is carried out quickly and painlessly.

    How is a smear taken on the flora of women? The whole process is divided into several stages. So, the algorithm for taking a smear on the flora of women:

    • placing the patient in a gynecological chair,
    • the introduction of instruments that expand the vaginal walls and open up a review to the gynecologist,
    • removal of secretions from the posterior vaginal wall with a medical spatula,
    • fixing a smear on a special glass.

    The remaining manipulations are performed directly in the laboratory.. It is noteworthy that the sample discharge can be taken not only from the vagina, but also from the urethra or cervix.

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    Stages of the study

    Let's try to answer some of the exciting questions: how many days is a smear done on the flora, how many analyzes are being prepared?

    Analysis of a woman's vaginal secretions is carried out by specialists in an equipped laboratory.

    First, the smear is stained using the Gram method.. Methylene blue is used for dyeing. This process contributes to the most rapid separation of bacteria by species.

    Further step the technician must count each cell type.

    Term of smear production on flora: in the state clinic the duration of the study material can reach seven days.

    How many days do smear on the flora in paid institutions: the result of the analysis can be obtained the next day.

    How old is

    We figured out how much a smear is prepared for flora and how the analysis is done, but how long is it valid, how long is it valid?

    The results of each medical research have a specific expiration date. Smear on the flora valid for ten days after collection of material.

    It should be noted that this is quite limited in comparison with other types of research. Analysis of oncocytology can be carried out only once a year.

    A study that detects the presence of Candida fungus pathogens does not make sense to carry out more than once a month.

    If an erroneous result is obtained, the analysis may be repeated. without the given expiration dates.

    Also on the frequency of research may affect the course of treatment. Its effectiveness is measured by the dynamics of smear changes.

    So, now you know: the rules for smears on the flora of women, the technique of taking analysis, and also how long the study is done and after how many days it is ready, how much the smear affects the flora.

    In no case should I neglect visiting a gynecologist. Taking a smear on flora is an absolutely harmless procedure.. It allows you to identify possible diseases at the very beginning of development.

    This will significantly save time and effort that will have to be spent on the treatment process.