How to choose the right tampons


To date, there is no such person who does not know what tampons are and what they are intended for. The level of enlightenment on this issue has increased significantly thanks to the media. But which tampons are better to use and how to choose this hygiene product correctly, not all of the fair sex know. This is especially true of young girls.

The purpose of the tampons

Tampons - one of the oldest inventions of mankind. They were used on critical days by ancient Roman women. The first mentions of the progenitor of a modern tampon appeared already in the XVIII century. At that time they were called absorbent rollers with a string.

Modern tampon is an advanced design, intended for use by representatives of the weaker sex on critical days. It is a roll, the diameter of which can reach 2 centimeters, and the length - 5. It is inserted into the vagina during the menstrual period to absorb blood secretions. It is made of viscose or cotton.

Hygiene means are pressed tightly into a layer-by-layer compact tube. For extraction from a vagina to its basis sew a string.

Easy introduction of the product provides an applicator created from cardboard or plastic. It consists of two tubes of different diameter. The upper tube has a rounded tip with petals and a smooth structure. It takes her hands and sent to the entrance to the vagina. To properly install a means of hygiene, you need to press on the inner tube. It is she who pushes and puts in place the product. When the tubes are connected, and the tampon remains in the vagina (cord outside), they need to be thrown away.

Many do not understand why use tampons, if there are gaskets. However, this ancient invention has many advantages. Thanks to tampons, a woman can lead a normal life: wear light-colored clothes without worrying about getting dirty, dance and play sports, go to the swimming pool and wear tight clothes. This tool can not be seen under clothing.

With the right size of the tampons, the woman will not experience discomfort. And you can also not worry about the flow, if you choose the right absorbency of the product.

Classification and selection criteria

Without knowing what tampons are, it is difficult for a woman to choose the right hygiene product. Usually products are supplied with applicators, however they can be without them. According to the degree of absorption, there are such types of tampons:

  1. Mini. Used by adolescents or women who have scanty discharge.
  2. Normal Used for moderate vaginal discharge.
  3. Super. Suitable for the fairer sex, in which there is a strong bleeding.
  4. Super plus. Used with intense and heavy periods.

To choose a tampon correctly, a woman should focus only on her feelings. It should not feel discomfort after its introduction. It is also important that the tool provides her with reliable protection. The main indicator on which you should pay attention when choosing a product is the abundance of blood secretions on critical days.

First you should try the tampons category Normal, and then, if necessary, choose a more suitable means of hygiene. Properly chosen tampon will protect well against leakage. He should not deliver discomfort and hamper the movement of women.

Introduction Rules

The method of administration of a hygiene product may vary slightly depending on whether it is provided with an applicator or not. To enter the product containing the applicator, you must perform the following manipulations:

  1. First you need to wash your hands and intimate area well.
  2. Release the product from the protective individual bag with clean hands.
  3. Take a comfortable position. It is best to introduce a means of standing, lifting one leg.
  4. Take a tampon for the area of ​​closure of the two halves, then insert the nose of the applicator into the vagina towards the lower back. Depth of introduction should be 4-5 cm.
  5. With the second hand, you need to slowly press the bottom of the tube, pushing the product that is located inside it, deep into the vagina.
  6. Remove the applicator with gentle smooth movements.

The use of products with an applicator is more comfortable and hygienic, since contact of the hands with the mucous membrane of the genital organs during its introduction is minimized. Such products are convenient to use at work or on travel.

Products without an applicator are injected in a similar way.. For this you need:

  1. Wash hands and intimate area.
  2. Remove the product from the protective bag.
  3. Take a comfortable position for yourself, and then gently insert into the vagina to a depth of 7 centimeters hygiene product. The lanyard should be left outside.

If a product is used without an applicator, it is necessary to carry out more thorough hand hygiene, as they will be in contact with the genitals. Used hygiene products must be discarded, pre-wrapped in paper or package.

Limitations and side effects

No need to think that tampons can be used by all the representatives of the weaker sex, without exception. There are some restrictions on their use:

  1. Age of the girl before the first menstruation.
  2. Allergy to the material from which the tool is made.
  3. Toxic shock syndrome.
  4. Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system.
  5. Features in the structure of the reproductive system, which prevent the comfortable use of funds.
  6. Postpartum period. This limitation is due to the fact that due to the presence of a tampon in the vagina, postpartum lochia will not be completely removed outside, which can lead to inflammatory diseases.

The most dangerous side effect of the use of tampons is toxic shock syndrome. With its development, the state of a woman resembles being in the flu period:

  • increase in body temperature (can reach 40 degrees),
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure,
  • dizziness,
  • weakness, cramps, chills,
  • rash on palms and feet.

This complication is very rare, but it represents a particular threat to women's health.

Some women due to the use of tampons begins to develop pathogenic microflora in the vagina. This side effect usually occurs when using unsuitable size hygiene products. Also, the use of products can lead to inflammation, irritation and allergies in the intimate area.

Features of use in virgins

Many believe that if a girl does not lead a sex life, then she should not use tampons. To find out if this is the case, you need to remember what the hymen represents.

The hymen is a connective tissue barrier that precedes the entrance to the vagina. In its structure, it is a ring, which has a hole in the middle so that blood can flow during menstruation. In an adolescent, the diameter of such an opening is approximately 2 cm. From this it can be concluded that a tampon can be inserted into virgins. It does not damage the integrity of the hymen.

For virgins, it is necessary to apply means specially designed for them or mini-tampons. They are great brands Ola Teens and Kotex Young. They reliably protect a teenage girl during menstruation, taking into account the peculiarities of her body.

Trademarks are popular

Today on sale you can see a lot of tools for intimate feminine hygiene. But not everyone could earn the trust. You need to figure out which tampons are best to use. The most common brands that have earned the trust of women are:

  1. Obi. This tool has a lot of positive feedback from women who regularly use it. The manufacturer has improved its products with longitudinal grooves, thanks to which it is better introduced.
  2. Tampax. This brand appeared in the country one of the first. Its products are made of viscose and sterile cotton. Thanks to Tampax, many of the fair sex have understood how convenient it is to use a product that is protected by an applicator. The reliability and convenience of this brand is confirmed by a mass of positive reviews.
  3. Kotex. Products of this brand are very convenient and reliable to use. They are made of viscose, very flexible and small. Have a convenient packaging that opens like a lipstick.
  4. Ola. These tools are available only with an applicator. They consist of 8 cloves. Due to their compact dimensions, they are very easy to enter.
  5. Libress All products are manufactured without an applicator, but still they are quite convenient to use. Designed for three types of blood discharge.

There are also products designed for the night period. They should be changed no later than 8 hours.

Recommendations for use

Even the best tampons will cause discomfort for a woman if she starts to use them illiterately. To avoid discomfort when using these hygiene products, You must listen to the following tips:

  1. Use products should only in those situations where it is necessary. In all other cases it is better to use gaskets.
  2. Choose tampons need, based on the intensity of blood discharge.
  3. Properly chosen and introduced hygienic means should not be felt in the vagina.
  4. Tampons need to be changed every 4 hours. Longer wearing can cause problems with the genitourinary system.
  5. It is undesirable to use tampons at night.
  6. No need to replace the product with a new one after each visit to the toilet.

Tampons are sold in pharmacies and specialty stores. The choice of their brands is very large, so the ladies always have a choice. There are also flavored products, but they are best not to apply, as they can cause allergies.